Self Care Strategies To Start Right Now

Try to think about more than just superficial self care. If your Sunday night routine includes face masks, a bath, and an exfoliation treatment, that’s fine, but remember to not neglect the self-care of your mind, which is even more integral.

Self care can be going for a walk. It can be catching up on that book that you didn’t have time to read during your busy week. It can be sitting quietly in a room with the lights off and reflecting mindfully on your day, taking a moment to step back from that external chaos for a moment.

Self-care isn’t just about examining yourself, up close. Examine the relationships in your life. Are you fulfilled by them? Do any of them feel draining or exhausting to maintain? Are you giving more than you’re receiving in this dynamic? Assessing toxic triggers in your life is a completely viable form of self-care, and one that can help you appreciate yourself.

Social support has strong ties to positive mental health, so reassess your friendships and how nourishing they are to your soul.

Take a couple of days to unplug from the news, especially political. Staying aware and up to date on various situations in the world is important, but post-Trump, the news cycle has felt more like a dystopian satire than a mode of information or education. Remember that there’s no reason to feel guilty for disconnecting for your own mental health – you can be conscious of your privilege, while still taking care of yourself.

Unplugging from social media is just as important. Over-usage of social media can create a never-ending journey towards perfectionism, and forces us into boxes of comparison. Rather than comparing your life to the facade of someone else’s mini-feed,  turn inward and examine your goals in the context of your own life.

In 2019, learn to say “no” and not feel guilty about it. Learn to set personal boundaries and put #FOMO far out of your mind. You’ll find that your time is more mindfully spent, and that you’re dedicating more minutes to doing what you love, not what you feel obligated towards.

Often, self care is seen as a luxury or a weakness, but it’s neither. It’s a necessary facet of health and well-being. Vulnerability might be a part of this process, as it is with any tough journey that brings you long term strength.

Ultimately, it’s a way to check in with your mind in this chaotic world, celebrating your attributes while remaining accountable for your vices.

It doesn’t look like any one thing and differs from person to person. Sit down in front of the mirror tonight, and explore all the beautiful things that make you different.

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Naima is trying to navigate the waters of being a twenty-something year old while empowering and inspiring those of all walks. She’s a New York City native, and still resides there. She’s been writing since she was a teenager on relationships, fashion, lifestyle and more. She has roots in many pots, being half Russian and half Pakistani, and hopes to learn as much as she can about other cultures while growing as an author.