Sass Jordan Launches Her Own Wine Line

Sass Jordan

Sass Jordan is definitely going to make us all believers. Believers in the Kick Ass Sass wine line! Yes, that’s right: Canada’s Queen of Rock is adding winemaker to her list of accomplishments. She has launched her own wine line, called Kick Ass Sass, with both red and white wines.

Kick Ass Sass

Now available at Vineland Estates, Jordan’s wine line-up includes the Kick Ass Sass Red 2016 ($20), and the Kick Ass Sass White 2017 ($20). She partnered with her long-term friend, Brian Schmidt, the Vice-President for Vineland Estates. 

The red is a velvety Cabernet Franc with hints of cherry, black currant, herbs, bramble, and spice. Meanwhile, the white is an unoaked Chardonnay and Riesling blend with notes of apple, citrus, peach, lime, and honey.

“This red is to die for. It’s 100% dragon’s blood and, if you drink it, it will give you superpowers.”

For the Kick Ass White, Jordan is surprised at the results. Initially, she vetoed the two grapes she dislikes: Chardonnay and Riesling. However, those are the two grapes that ended up in her blend.

“The results are ‘my spirit and soul’ in a glass. Like the taste of the sun. It has this juicy (and) fruity flavour to it… But the thing that’s astounding to me is I can taste Niagara, the Earth, the vines, the sun… It’s cerebral. I guess I’m a Schmidt Riesling and Chardonnay fan!”


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All About Canada’s Rocker Queen

As with how her fans will react, Jordan is confident they will love the line. Jordan cultivated her large fan base through her impressive music and acting career. She is one of Canada’s and the world’s pioneers of female-fronted rock.

She was also a feature actor in the TV show “Sisters”, was one of the judges on Canadian Idol. Her songs and performances have been featured on Baywatch (the 90’s version), Knight Rider, The Dennis Miller Show, and SyFy’s ‘Defiance.

In 2017 came Jordan’s major-label breakout masterpiece, Racine (as Racine Revisited some 25 years later). She continues to work on new music and perform live. Also, she develops the webisode/podcast series Roadogs and the 10 Commandments of Rock. This project is in support of friend Tom Petersson’s foundation,

Wine Scene Queen

Now Jordan has broken into the wine scene.

Her connection with Schmidt and Vineland Estates has been in the works for a while now. After first connecting during a Vineland Estates tasting session, Schmidt became Jordan’s advisor for all things wine-related.

Not one to sit on the sidelines, Jordan plays a key role in the wine’s production. The rocker-turned-wine star assists in the process of the final blends for both Kick Ass White and Kick Ass Red. She also helps design the label designs and product roll-out.

“(I wanted) something I would be thrilled with when I opened the bottle. The results are a “body wine… A wood-fire wine… Comforting.”

You can find Kick Ass Sass at Vineland Estates and in their online shop.

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