Safe Foods for Your Dog

safe foods for your dog
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Dogs have intensely expressive eyes. It is part of what draws humans to keep canines as roommates. One of the biggest struggles dog owners face is not giving in to their pup begging for table scraps. Knowing safe foods for your dog is important because they metabolize foods differently than humans. 

There are several reasons why it’s important to refrain from sneaking your pet human food. Many human foods can be dangerous – even deadly – to dogs’ systems. Another possible issue is that it can cause your dog to refuse to eat their regular kibble. If you’re concerned for your pet’s safety and health consider getting pet insurance for peace of mind.

Dogs with food allergies, to begin with, require a specific type of nutrition. Feeding your dog an elimination diet can help resolve food allergies and other issues. If your dog isn’t on any dietary restrictions, it’s fine to give them some human food, but only in moderation.

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Photo: Karsten Winegeart/ Unsplash

During holidays especially, where it’s time to get together and show people how much they mean to us, many families include their dog in holiday festivities, including meals. However, it’s essential to inform yourself and your guests which human foods are safe foods for your dog to be fed.  

Bread, cheese, many veggies, and most fruits are safe for dogs. However, seasonings and spices often include salt, something that is not good for dogs. Butter or other foods high in fat content should also be avoided. 

Sharing the following foods is acceptable, as long as the foods are free from seasoning and butter. Let us take a look at the below safe foods for your dog!


Pumpkin is great for dogs’ digestive systems. The tasty pie filling is often recommended by vets if a dog is suffering from minor digestive issues. However, it’s important to check the label for excessive sugar content. Just a few tablespoons can be added to your pup’s regular food for a yummy treat. 

Green Beans

Green beans are one of the best veggies for dogs. They are high in fiber content but low in calories, which makes them perfect for humans, too. The fiber can convince the stomach that it’s full, preventing overeating. Many dogs enjoy the crunchy exterior of the bean. 

Cooked Turkey

Plain-cooked turkey can be given to dogs, provided the skin is removed and no salt is added. The white meat of turkey can help muscle build in dogs. Skip the gravy, however. Gravy is high in salt and fat. Excessive salt can cause dogs to become dehydrated and, in some cases, seriously ill. 


Carrots are another favorite vegetable that owners can feed to their dogs guilt-free. The orange root veggie is full of healthy vitamins that can improve your dog’s overall health. Carrots are rich in soluble fiber, which can assist your dog’s digestion. 

Sweet Potatoes

The fiber in sweet potatoes can aid a dog’s digestive system. The tuberous veggie is low in fat and high in vitamin content. They are particularly rich in betacarotene, which is known to improve vision. 

There are a lot of holiday recipes using sweet potatoes as the main ingredient, check out this article if you’re looking for a dog-friendly recipe.


Like turkey, any chicken shared with your pup should be cooked and free of seasonings, including salt. Lean meat is an excellent source of protein for your dog. And the Omega-3 can give your dog healthy skin and a shiny coat. 

Keep Your Pets Safe from Holiday Dangers 

You may notice a one-holiday centerpiece that isn’t on the list of safe foods. Ham, deli hams are full of salt and sugar, both of which are on the list of foods to avoid feeding dogs. 

Other holiday staples that are bad for dogs include nuts, raisins, and chocolate. Feeding candy to dogs should also be avoided, as many candies contain the sweetener xylitol, known to be fatal to dogs. 

Dogs should be excluded from the holiday tradition of breaking the wishbone. Cooked bones should never be fed to dogs. The bones can splinter and cause a blockage in the dog’s stomach. Even the safety of rawhide treats found in the pet section is questionable. 

Holidays can be an exciting but stressful time for humans and pets alike. If you must give in to your dog’s begging eyes, only feed them table scraps that are safe for dogs.

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