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Is the Pub Sub the Greatest Sandwich in America?

pub sub e1554822788471
pub sub e1554822788471
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When I was told there would be chicken fingers in a bun, I was sold.

Let me back track a little. On our way from New Smyrna Beach to St. Augustine, we stopped to get a sandwich at a Publix, a supermarket chain in the US. Now, your typical grocery store isn’t generally the place to get a fresh made sandwich, but these sandwiches from Publix (known as “pub subs”) are quite the hit. You can even order them ahead online.

I was curious to see what all the fuss about. Several people recommended that I try the Chicken Tender Sub (with buffalo chicken.) I chose the Italian 5-Grain bread, white American cheese, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato, ranch, and opted for the toasting option.

The Discovery

This sandwich was super fresh, especially the chicken. You pay the same price for a sandwich here as you would for Subway, but the quality is much higher. Toasting is an absolute essential when ordering a pub sub so you can get all that gooey cheese action. Don’t go too crazy with your sauces – Buffalo and ranch don’t need anything else messing with them.

A Loophole

I was told on good authority that you can add macaroni and cheese to any pub sub FOR FREE. You’re welcome.

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Written by Terris Schneider

Terris Schneider is a writer from Vancouver, now based in Toronto. She is the Creative Team Lead for DINE Magazine and covers everything from food, fashion, music, travel, and lifestyle. Her published works have appeared in Discorder, Metro News, Stop Street Harassment, Pique Newsmagazine, The Post Feminist Post, Flannel Magazine, and Sophomore Magazine. Check out her column: Witch, Don't Kill My Vibe.

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