“Nailed It” Season 3 Premieres Soon

Get ready for another epic season of Nailed It! on May 17.

photo credit: @nailedit

Nailed It! isn’t so much a baking competition, as it is a baker fail competition. That’s why we’re so obsessed with it. In a world of competitive cooking and baking shows with celebrity chefs taking themselves way too seriously, it’s a nice change of pace to see some lighthearted playfulness injected into the industry.

With a twist on your everyday cooking show, Nailed It! unites amateur home bakers who might not have the best Pinterest dessert skills, but have good-natured enthusiasm and hilarious attitudes. The bakers’ final result is usually disastrous and looks nothing like the original model as they are tasked with extremely daunting and detailed sweet creations. 

Hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and famous chocolatier and pastry chef Jacques Torres, the winner of this parody cooking show, received a very real $10,000 dollars. And of course, it gets blasted out of a Glitterati money gun, because why not? Contestants can also win prizes and a coveted glittery golden chef hat throughout the episode.

So far, Nailed It! has branched out to a Spanish language version in Mexico, which was equally hilarious. We can look forward to inspired remakes in France, Germany and Spain. The Nailed It! takeover is here, and we’re ready for it.


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This girl really just stapled a cookie to a poster board. Revolutionary. All new episodes, May 17.

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We’re over nuanced and experienced chefs – we’re more interested in seeing the edgy granny with a heart of gold trying to recreate a football stadium out of Super Bowl snack ingredients.

The new season drops on May 17, and we can look forward to prehistoric themed cupcakes, Halloween themed desserts and a much anticipated Marvel episode that superhero fanatics can look forward to, featuring gamer and actress Felicia Day as a guest judge. Other guest judges will be “baking queen” Natalia Sidesert and Youtuber Rosanna Pansino.

In an age of meticulously scripted and produced TV shows, it’s nice to see contestants and hosts letting go and having a good time – it enables us as viewers to do the same, instead of feeling like some inauthentic experience is duping us.

It’s the perfect show to binge since episodes go by in a flash, and it barely takes up an entire afternoon. If you’re the type of person who likes watching others make clumsy and terrible mistakes, this show is going to bring you a whole lot of giggles.

In the meanwhile, we’ll try to figure out how to get on this own show with audition tapes of miserable renditions of elaborate cakes. From unbaked cake guts to disturbingly creepy fondant dolls, it will be interesting to see how the Season 3 contestants handle the challenges.

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