Microdosing Shrooms For Mood Boost And Self Confidence 

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to microdosing as a form of self-care

microdosing shrooms
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Many people report that microdosing mushrooms (psilocybin) have helped them with productivity and focus. But we think that those two things are both over-valued in our society. Instead, we want to explore the trend of psychedelic microdosing for self-esteem and positive mood boost (for the neurotypical and far beyond), integral to wellness and happiness. The perk of taking a minuscule amount is that you can gradually increase your comfort level, and there’s virtually no chance of having a “bad trip” that can be common with full doses. Here are some tips on microdosing shrooms for mood boost and self-confidence.

How do you Microdose Shrooms?

You start by consuming 1/10 of the usual recreational dose. This amount can be adjusted based on your tolerance, experience with substances, and overall sensitivity to the psilocybin. You won’t have a trip – this is known as a “sub hallucinogenic” experience, which will instead put you in touch with your senses

We suggest taking daily notes whenever you microdose – a sort of progress journal to see how this dosage affects your daily routine. Many people feel that their creativity spikes the day after microdosing, so it’s worth taking note.

That being said, don’t microdose daily – you’ll build up a tolerance, and it will lose its power.

Know Your Shroom Anatomy

Generally, the stems seem to be less potent than the caps, containing the highest amount of active psychedelic ingredients. There are also different types of mushrooms, and it’s ideal if you know your strain so that you can research it and its potential effects.

Prepare Your Dosage

Start with 0.1g. You can eat your mushroom, but it’s easier to measure dosage if you grind it into a powder. Dissolve this powder in hot water and add honey if the taste is too strong. There now reliable companies offering infused shroom products– from mushroom tea to hot chocolate.

You can also place your pre-measured dosages into empty capsules.

When to Microdose

We suggest trying your psilocybin in the morning so that the effects have all day to last. When taken at night, they’re known to cause insomnia.

Some people microdose before a therapy session, finding that the substance allows them to be more honest and lets them access parts of their psyche that they couldn’t before.

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Benefits of Microdosing

Microdosing allows you to be yourself without social pretenses. It allows us to be ourselves, with more insight than ever before. Psychedelics essentially mimic serotonin, which makes us feel happy. It has the miraculous ability to generate new neurons and neural pathways while repairing neurological damage. There’s a gorgeous mosaic of compounds that work together to better your well being. Niacin (a flushing agent) transports GABA through the blood-brain barrier, distributing psilocybin molecules evenly.

Due to this innovative compound cocktail, psilocybin can be integrated into other therapies and is particularly effective in improving mental health and cognition. It also improves your overall consciousness and self-awareness, which we could all benefit from.

If the idea of a DIY microdose stresses you out, don’t fret – there are legitimate microdosing retreats that are guided by professionals and meticulously curated. We suggest Rise Wellness Retreat, a picturesque option in Jamaica, which includes classes, workshops, and of course, the perfect dose of psilocybin.

Is There a Downside to Microdosing?

Of course, the quality of the psychedelics will vary and have an impact on your experience. Some people who microdose (especially unregulated substances that can be unpredictable) can experience headaches, stomach problems, and sleeplessness.


You should also check your local laws, as you don’t want to get penalized harshly if it’s not legal in your area. Outside of these legal risks, there are little to no threats about trying psilocybin (it’s safer than alcohol) and introducing microdosing into your life.

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