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KOST: 44 Floors to Paradise

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Luxury lives 44 floors above the streets of Downtown Toronto. Step into the elevators of the Bisha Hotel and escape. When the doors open, you’ll be in a world of unending summers. Sand coloured wood, covers the walls and reaches over the ceiling, drawing a map of geometric shapes from which oversized lights casually hang. Their rope-like wires create a net overhead. On the walls, a sweeping collage of fresh modern art splashes a story of colour. Beach style chairs with interwoven rope backs rest by bright tables. Corners and crevasses are filled with lush fans of vibrant green. Palms for paradise; no oasis could be complete without.

The bar is a bright, open jewel. A cream marble top with veins of hot rust is the stage for your night. Above, a crowning chandelier of suspended wine glasses and bottles of tequila await your order.

In the heart of the restaurant, a vast wall of fine wines and champagne shines like a trophy gallery, emitting their own ethereal rosé light. Call for a glass, and taste the divine. Then step onto the patio and glimpse heaven. The magic of this airy beach house is in the sky. An unparalleled rooftop view: a horizon of silver celeste skyscrapers; the haze of a sparkling lake; and the iconic edifice of the CN Tower. Nothing can compare to the dazzling brilliance of this seraphic sight.

The season of sunlit sangria and peep toe sandals may be behind us. But fear not, the coming of the cold cannot separate you from the majesty of this sky-high scenery. A vast stretch of floor to ceiling windows are the fourth wall, the divider between the sky. They reveal a breathtaking view year round.  If you want to truly lose yourself in the warmth of this refined beach house, then make a reservation when the light is at its best: just after sunrise for a fresh breakfast or brunch, or an early dinner at sunset to catch that precious last light of day. My personal favourite is sunset. There is nothing like watching the sun go down at KOST. Golden light floods the room. It cascades and ripples over the light furnishings, setting the restaurant ablaze with a warmth that pulls you into a sweet summertime daydream. Rich amber pours out from the sky, painting your skin with a soft glow and casts spotlights on your dinner.

Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, the food at KOST is as magnificent as the view. Fresh and light. Bursting with colour. Each plate is presented like a piece of fine art. A composition of colour, depth, intrigue and enchantment. Each bite is a trip to the coast of California, with plates of succulent savoury and vivid flavours. The aromas of roasted lamb cutlets and charcoal grilled octopus swim throughout the air and dance under your nose, pulling your senses into a zestful waltz. Avocado and spiced farro flatbread; a dish easily devoured, is among my favourites. As is the Mojo de Ajo Tofu; a dish for two you won’t want to share. Broccolini served with soy and sesame is the perfect side for any dinner. And a glass of Castle Rock Chardonnay makes the evening sparkle.

Every inch of this rooftop restaurant and bar, is blissful. Perfection. A masterpiece of design. The food is a fresh California dream.  And the views… exceptional. Elegant. Chic. Alluring. Step out of the land and into the air, in this modern bright beach house in the sky.

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Written by Jennifer Gault

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