How to Recover From a Cannabis Hangover

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Over-indulging in cannabis isn’t nearly as painful as drinking too much. Still, if you do smoke too much herb, eat too many edibles, or just generally go beyond your limit, you might be feeling some of the repercussions. Sure, that large joint followed by a bong rip might have had you floating the night before, but the groggy, early-morning crash is one that many of us dread. Here are some helpful tips to scrub that weed hangover away.

Smoke a CBD Strain

You can smoke or ingest CBD in some other form like edibles if you’re looking to lessen that brain fog and headache. Make sure that your CBD strain is very low in THC to avoid feeling just as bad as you did waking up.


Have a Cup of Caffeinated Tea or Coffee

Caffeine can help you shake that grogginess off and feel more alert throughout the day so that you don’t feel like you’re wading through a bowl of oatmeal.

Stay Hydrated

Coffee is great and all, but water is more important. Hydrating basically breathes life back into your system, which cannabis dries out. If water is boring or making you nauseous, consider infusing a club soda with fruit. And remember small sips.

Add Some Ginger to Your Breakfast

Whether you’re grating fresh ginger into a cup of oatmeal or a cup of tea, this revitalizing root can help with nausea and other digestive issues, which can be helpful if you tore through a large pizza after midnight. Make a tea with honey and lemon for the ultimate symptom kicker.

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Take a Shower

Whether you prefer them cold or hot, showers have the ability to wake you up and invigorate you with a new sense of purpose. We suggest a warm shower with eucalyptus, which can open up airways. Just make sure that you don’t take a bath, which will surely send you right back to bed.

Motion is Key

It might be tempting to stay glued to your couch when suffering from a weed hangover, but going for a brisk walk or doing a light workout can do wonders in clearing that mental fog and bringing clarity. Becoming a screen zombie will just amplify that headache and fatigue.

Avoid the Urge to Start the Day with Fast Food

Whether you like to wake and bake or just have an affinity for McMuffins, opting for a fast-food breakfast might seem like a good cure at the moment, but it’s not. A greasy breakfast is actually terrible for both weed and alcohol hangovers. Instead, munch on some whole grain carbs, fresh fruit, and OJ.

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