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How To Make Cannabis Olive Oil

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Olive Oil infused cannabis

So. I guess your first question is, why? Why would someone make THC olive oil? Did you know that a lot of south-east Asian cuisines, cannabis has been used as a condiment for hundreds of years. That is because it’s a herb, and for those who like the taste, it tastes great. It’s, therefore, possible to spice up any of your favorite dishes with cannabis olive oil. The most difficult thing about olive oil with marijuana inside is the dosage, as it’s extremely difficult to ensure that you’re not consuming too much cannabis.

cannabis olive oil

For those of you who are not clued up on the topic, cannabis infused olive oil,and other marijuana-infused edibles and drinks, are one of the strongest methods of getting high. If not the strongest. This is because it’s a different method of cannabinoids entering your system. Not only does it take longer to kick in, but an edible high is also much stronger.

What to do if you find yourself too stoned

On any article about edibles or something like cannabis infused olive oil, it’s important to tell readers what they should do if they find themselves in the unfortunate position of feeling too stoned after taking too many edibles. The main reason this happens so frequently, is that it takes a while to kick in. Sometimes even taking up to 3 and a half hours to feel the full effects. A lot of people get bored, or worried, that they’re not going to get high, so they do the classic “Well, I better eat another one” thing, and then 2 hours later they are vomiting. If you find yourself in this situation, follow the following steps to feel less high:

  1. Take a cold shower, this helps with the thought-rushing and the inability to collect your thoughts properly
  2. Have a pot of hot coffee, this allows you to focus even more, and will help with the lethargy associated with being too stoned
  3. Lay down in your room with some nice, relaxing music on, and all the lights off. This will help you relax, and you should start to enjoy your high a bit more

Now that we’ve got the necessary precautions out of the way, let’s talk about making marijuana olive oil. I’m going to split them into two categories, making cannabis with olive oil, and making cannabis-infused olive oil.

How to Make Cannabis Oil With Olive Oil

cannabis olive oil recipe
cannabis olive oil recipe

This is the easiest way to do it, and it also means that you can more effectively dose your product. That is because this is a single-serving shot of olive oil with cannabis inside. Why make cannabis with olive oil in the first place? Because cannabinoids are not water-soluble, and therefore they require a fat or an oil in order to get you high. You must also decarboxylate your cannabis. This is necessary to activate the THC and CBD in your weed, to make your weed olive oil potent. How to make medical cannabis oil with olive oil:

  1. Take your decarboxylated cannabis. If you don’t know how to do this, grind your weed up and place it in the oven for 1.5 hours at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Let’s say you want to put some olive oil on a salad, take the amount of oil you want, and put about 0.2 grams of decarboxylated cannabis inside it. This is a pretty large dosage, so if you’re newer, but around 0.05 or 0.1 grams of decarbed weed inside.
  3. Mix it all up, and then eat it with whatever you want.
  4. You can also use leftover bud (AVB) from a vaporizer. This doesn’t require decarboxylation, as the vaporization process is actually also decarboxylation. This makes it even easier, as you can just literally mix some AVB into some olive oil and hey presto, you’re going to be stoned soon!

How to Make Weed-infused Olive Oil

The second technique we’re going to talk about is making olive oil which is infused with olive oil. This is to make large batches, to be used whenever you want. How to extract cannabis oil with olive oil:

  1. You can either simply take THC oil and mix it with olive oil, or you can follow this process.
  2. Place around one ounce of decarboxylated cannabis into a jar, and then add olive oil (750ml).
  3. Place the jar into a pot of gently boiling water, for an hour and a half. Keep stirring for around an hour and a half.
  4. After an hour and a half you’re going to want to strain it through a cheese cloth, and then collect the oil.
  5. The oil is now infused with THC, store it in an air-tight container, and it will last for a few weeks. You can use this oil for any cannabis recipes that you want.




Want some more information? Check out this video.

THC Olive oil uses

cannabis olive oil uses
cannabis olive oil uses

The uses of this product are basically limitless. You could use it to make a delicious beef stew, if you use some seriously good olive oil you can eat it directly, or you can use it to garnish your favorite foods. It’s basically just olive oil, and should be treated as such. Just remember, it’s going to be strong! Making weed olive oil is also possible using cannabis olive oil tincture. Finally, you can also make CBD olive oil, by using a CBD strain or by using CBD buds in the same way as I’ve shown you above. It won’t be long until you will find cannabis olive oil for sale all over the place.

Hopefully this article has given you some great ideas to be implemented in your kitchen, and you can perfect your weed olive oil recipe. Here’s a final video of a cannabis olive oil recipe by doctor Diane, which is a famous olive oil cannabis extraction technique (yes I know the quality is terrible, but sometimes the best information comes from the strangest of sources):


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