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How to Make Cannabis-Infused Coffee

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Cannabis Coffee: A Recipe for Success

The connection between cannabis and coffee is well-known by those who partake in the herb. Not only do the two flavors mix well, but the stimulating effects of caffeine can very nicely compliment the stoned effects of cannabis. When I’m too stoned, I can’t take in things when I read them. However, after a coffee, I find it much easier to concentrate my mind. This can be extremely useful when wanting to be creative on cannabis. Learn how to make some killer cannabis-infused coffee.

Marijuana coffee
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Can You Brew Cannabis Into Coffee

Short answer? No. Long answer? Yes. Now, let me explain. You cannot merely take cannabis and brew it into the coffee. This will not get you high. There are two steps to making any edibles, which you must follow if you want to get high (edibles or “drinkables” I guess):

1. Decarboxylate, is the process of turning raw THCA into THC. This requires heat. When you smoke cannabis, you are decarboxylating it before you breathe it in. That is because it’s at a very high temperature. Before you make cannabis coffee, you must first decarboxylate your cannabis.

2. You must mix your cannabis with either a fat or oil. Although this doesn’t sound ideal, if you think about it, milk has fat inside it, so it’s relatively easy to make a cannabis coffee.

If you follow both of these steps, then yes, you can brew cannabis into the coffee.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Coffee

If you need to know how to decarboxylate cannabis, then here’s a quick guide. Grind your cannabis and put it on an oven-proof dish. Please place it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours. I know this seems a bit crazy and ridiculous, but if you don’t do that, then you will not get as high. If you do it a little bit, but not correctly, your cannabis-infused edibles will not have the strength that they should have.

If you’re a little bit confused by the whole decarboxylation thing, I have an alternative for you. Buy yourself a weed vaporizer (if you can buy buds without pesticides), and then you can use the already vaped bud (AVB). Already vaped bud is perfectly decarbed cannabis, and it’s possible to get stoned twice. Once when you vaporize the bud, and the second time after you eat it or drink it in cannabis-infused coffee.

How to decarboxylate cannabis
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1. Take your decarbed bud, and mix it with an oil or fat. You can mix it in with milk, or with olive oil if you like your coffee black. It’s better to mix it in with milk for sure because I’m not going to lie, drinking cannabis mixed with olive oil in a coffee is fairly disgusting and is best to do in one go.

2. Brew yourself a coffee, in your preferred method

3. Put your cannabis oil inside the coffee

4. Mix it in

5. If you’re using milk or something like a cappuccino from a coffee machine, you can add the decarbed cannabis straight into the coffee at the end, and then mix it in.

Coffee and THC go together very well, but remember that the effects of cannabis coffee take about an hour to kick in. Therefore, if you want to experience the mix between cannabis and coffee fully, you have to drink another coffee a few hours later. Another great way to make cannabis coffee is to drop already vaped bud into a milky coffee, and you’ll be good to go immediately.

Cannabis-Infused Coffee Creamer

Weed coffee creamer
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If you’re a fan of coffee creamer, you can mix decarbed cannabis straight into it. That is because they’re generally made from milk, and therefore the THC and other cannabinoids can be dissolved inside it and taken in by your body. Marijuana coffee creamer is a perfect way to make cannabis coffee.

CBD Cannabis-Infused Coffee

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If you’re not a fan of THC, or if you live in a country where cannabis is illegal, there is also the possibility to make CBD coffee. This is great for those who want the medicating effects of cannabis without the intoxicating nature of a THC high. CBD coffee is even available in the UK, where Cannabis is still illegal. But, you can easily make it yourself, using a couple of different techniques:

1. Buy yourself some CBD bud. You can buy this in shops in the UK, or you can purchase strains that have very high CBD and low THC from dispensaries in the US and Canada. Then follow the above guide, and you will have yourself some CBD coffee in no time.

2. Buy yourself some potent CBD oil. Something like Prestige CBD would work well, and then place it directly into your coffee. It is already ready to be swallowed, so by simply adding it to your coffee, you can quickly and easily get the effects of both CBD and caffeine, which can help with stress, anxiety, or pain.

If you’re curious about whether CBD works for pain, check out this great article here. 

Kief Coffee

How to make kief coffee
Kief ready to be made into Kief coffee

You can make kief coffee easily. Kief is the stuff at the bottom of a grinder, as the powdery stuff. This is practically all cannabinoids, and this means it’s pretty intense. First, you have to decarboxylate your kief. Please place it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, as mentioned before, but only for twenty minutes. Then mix it with a fat or an oil and incorporate it into a coffee, or mix it directly into a milky coffee.

Can You Make Cannabis Coffee?

Marijuana in coffee is an effortless combination to pull off. Caffeine and marijuana complement each other perfectly, and it’s straightforward to make coffee infused with THC or CBD, or both. Just remember to decarboxylate whatever herb you’re using, and mix it with a fat or oil. Check out the video below for more information.

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