How to Clean Your Smoking Devices at Home

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If you have smoking devices at home, they require proper cleaning and regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. Among the various types of smoking devices in the market, you might have heard about a bong. If you are using one at home, it is vital to provide it with proper care. 

A bong is a variant of water pipe that you can use to smoke cannabis. Most have four components – a bowl, down stem, base, and tube. 

You can find bongs in different sizes and shapes. They are generally available in acrylic, glass, metal, wood, silicone, and other materials. 

The Basics Of Cleaning A Bong 

The main reason why you should wash your bong is to protect your health. Mold and bacteria can develop inside the device, putting you at risk for lung infections. Additionally, any leftover residue that coats the bong can affect the flavor of the cannabis. Remember that regularly cleaning your bong is an easier task to handle than having to scrub away at long-term grime build-up. 

When you are using one of the bongs by daily high club regularly, it is best to wash it every two days. If you are only using a bong occasionally, you should clean it after every use to avoid bacteria growth.  

If you are smoking cannabis oils, water alone will not remove it. It will help if you use a solution to dissolve the oil completely. The most straightforward approach is to use rubbing alcohol. You can combine it with an abrasive component such as uncooked rice or rock salt. An alternative to try is a fizzy mixture of vinegar and baking soda. For severe build-up of grime, you can use soaking products, brushes, wipes, and pipe cleaners.  

Let’s check out the cleaning methods you can use to clean your bong.

Salt Method 

Most bong users find a method that involves salt is effective in cleaning their smoking device.  

  • Add three or more tablespoons of salt into the bong through the mouthpiece. Make sure to use a coarse salt for better results. 
  • Fill the bong with warm water until it reaches below the shaft line. 
  • Cover the shaft opening and mouthpiece and shake the device for a few minutes.  
  • Discard the dirty water. 
  • Continue rinsing the bong with salt and warm water until it is completely free of residue. At this point, rinse until the salt is gone.  

Alcohol Method 

Using isopropyl alcohol is also a favorite cleaning method of many bong users. Use 70% alcohol for light cleaning. If you’re a heavy user, try 91%-99% isopropyl alcohol for effective cleaning. Besides alcohol, you’ll also need table or rock salt, pipe cleaners, cotton or fabric, rubber bands if your bong has several pieces, and plastic gloves for protection. Then, follow the steps below:

  • Remove all detachable parts with a focus on the stem and bowl. Carefully rinse every piece with hot water to help begin the process of shifting the grime inside. 
  • Add the alcohol and salt into the bong. Cover the tube and stem with the fabric or cotton after adding the alcohol to prevent any spills. 
  • Shake your bong vigorously for up to five minutes. Dip the pipe in the alcohol and salt solution for a few minutes. 
  • In case it has been a long time since your last cleaning, you might repeat the process one more time. If your bong has severe grime build-up, let it soak in the solution for a few hours.  
  • Soak pipe cleaners into the solution. Make sure to scrub the nooks and crevices of your bong thoroughly. Dispose of the solution properly.  
  • If you want to provide your bong with an extra sparkle, add a small amount of dishwashing soap. Fill the device until it is half full of water. Shake the foamy water after plugging in all the holes. After shaking for a minute, finish the cleaning process with a final rinse.  
Close-up of dirty water bong

When you are using bongs or other smoking devices regularly, they will benefit from proper cleaning and maintenance. Remember that regular cleaning is essential to protect your health. Using the methods above, you can effectively clean your bong and enjoy using it for years to come.  

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