Here Are The Best Herbs for PMS

From pain to bad moods, dealing with your period can feel impossible

Best Herbs for PMS
Best Herbs for PMS
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The go-to solution for cramps when you’re PMSing is to pop a couple of Tylenol and let a hot water bottle do the magic. But what if you didn’t have to use OTC painkillers or any medication at all, especially if you suffer from a syndrome like endometriosis? Several herbs can be consumed in teas or tinctures to reduce PMS symptoms, including cramps, pain, and mood swings. We understand that cramps suck – here are the best herbs for PMS, to help you with the pain.

Ginger, Known as One of the Best Herbs for PMS

This spicy remedy ginger is used for all types of things, from strengthening your immune system to curing tummy troubles. It can reduce pain just as much as ibuprofen, with added anti-inflammatory powers. Drink 4 cups daily to reduce the common PMS systems.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a lifesaver when it comes to removing the intensity of cramps. This herb is filled with stress-lowering antioxidants, and according to some studies, might even be antispasmodic.


If you fill a capsule with cinnamon and take it thrice daily in the first three days of your cycle, this common pantry ingredient can get rid of pain and nausea that’s associated with menstruation. Instead of starting with three capsules, gradually increase the dosage, starting with a teaspoon in your morning coffee, tea, or oatmeal.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Many women who suffer from an especially heavy flow drink red raspberry leaf tea, a powerhouse for the uterus, and known as one of the best herbs for PMS.  It calms down the excruciating pain of cramps, and the tannins in it promote uterine strength while preventing period irregularity.

Chinese Motherwort

Chinese herbs are known to cure a range of diseases all over the East, and its powers on PMS and cramps are no different.  It can break up blood clots and improve circulation, which helps anyone who suffers from a menstrual disorder.


It has a crunchy texture and a delicious flavor with licorice notes, but the most impressive thing about fennel is that its extract can be used for pain. It contains anethole, which is an anti-spasm compound that can ease cramps.

Chaste Berry

This hormone balancer promotes well being and can decrease stress, mood swings, and other mental health troubles that often come with your period.

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Corydalis Rhizome

While this hard to pronounce herb does improve blood circulation, it’s most desired for pain relief, along with its ability to clear up headaches and other body aches that are so common during menstruation.

Red Maca Root

Red Maca can help revive your desire in the bedroom, but it can also reduce PMS symptoms such as depression, clearing the fog to make way for sharpened focus and mental clarity.

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