Have You Been to The ROM?

Peacock Spider, Photo Courtesy of The ROM

If you have lived in Toronto for some time or you’re planning a trip to Toronto, you should highly consider visiting the ROM, the Royal Ontario Museum. As the largest museum in Canada, the ROM is known for its collection of world culture and history. The museum has been established in 1912 and, ever since, presented countless of exhibits over the years. There’s something for everyone at the ROM including the diversity of the earth, galleries of world cultures, textiles, archaeology, ethnology and more.

Here are some of the main things that you should consider checking out during your time at the ROM:

Cultural artifacts from Canada’s earliest civilizations: The First People’s arts and artifacts can be found on display in a number of locations across the ROM.

Totem pole exhibits: There are four complete totem poles that have been carved and displayed in the main staircases of the ROM. These are some of the largest art pieces in the museum and they were carved by Nis Ga’a and Haida aboriginals from the Pacific Northwest coast of Canada.

Animal specimens: See displays on the white rhino as well as the thousands of specimens which are presented in the gallery on biodiversity.

A Ming Tomb: There is a reconstructed tomb mound of the General Zu Dashou. Re-created, this preserved body of the defender of the Ming dynasty is on permanent display in the gallery of Chinese architecture.

The age of dinosaurs: See a 90-foot-long Barosaurus as well as a series of other re-created dinosaurs in the gallery of fossils.

Travel to ancient Egypt: See a variety of mummies and Egyptian artifacts through 5000 years of Egyptian history.

In addition to the permanent exhibits, the ROM is always featuring something new for a limited time. Right now, Spiders: Fear and Fascination is one of their features, where nearly 400 amazing live and preserved arachnids are displayed. There is also a daily live specimen demonstration, including a shocking venom milking. Would you face your fears and immerse yourself in a world of spiders?

If not, then the Iris Van Herpen: Transforming Fashion exhibition may be more up your ally. On until October 8th, it explores the design of Dutch couturier Iris Van Herpen through her collections from 2008 to 2015.

These are just a few of the amazing artifacts and exhibits that you can find across the ROM, that can make for a day of adventure and education!