Harry Potter Resto & Bar Set to Open in Guelph

Lumus and Nox
Photo via Lumus and Nox Facebook page

Calling all muggles and wizards, it’s time to swap your wands for some forks as Guelph prepares for the launch of the Harry Potter-inspired restaurant, Lumus and Nox: Breakfast House and Chamber of Spirits.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m stoked for Lumus and Nox to open up – and according to their Facebook page, that’ll be very soon! 

Lumus and Nox Opening

For those wondering where the name came from, it is comparable to spells, but derived from Latin for “light and dark.” As the owners plan to sell breakfast items in the morning and cocktails at night, they thought it was fitting.

Something for All Harry Potter Fans

In the meantime, Harry Potter fans, myself included, continue to wonder when the restaurant will be opening and what will be on the menu. While no opening date has been set, owners of Lumus and Nox have assured it will be as soon as all inspections have been done. The next step they are taking is preparing for their soft launch.

The Soft Launch

We’re hoping to do a soft launch during the March break week. We need to test all our menu items to see if people like it…We want an open community here where we can grow with YOU and what you love most. You can be a part of the first wizard brews we make!”

Although they’ve been rather secretive in revealing details, I know that those behind this unique resto-bar are set on creating a magical experience for all Harry Potter lovers. They’ve even gone as far as creating Guelph Houses similar to the ones in Harry Potter.

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