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One of the most significant changes in the past decade has been in the status of cannabis. At the beginning of the decade, this plant was famous for being a schedule 1 drug under the FDA guidelines. Legal weed is a concept most of us could not even imagine considering the social stigma around the plant. But towards the end, the plant managed to create quite a stir in the scientific community. Now, growing perfect cannabis from the comfort of your own home is a norm. 

The progress has been much rapid to encourage steps such as dispensary is so many states across the US. Apart from the US, cannabis has reached popularity for its medicinal value in different parts of the world.

From a user perspective, cannabis always carried the impression of a recreational plant. But the past few years led to expanding research to understand the medicinal and health benefits of the plant that encouraged legalization. Today, dispensaries can be found in legalized states to obtain high-quality cannabis for treating various conditions. These are easy ways to reach out to the best strains and high-quality buds, and a little home experiment to growing perfect cannabis can help you achieve healthy yield and premium quality.

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While the term weed referring to cannabis indicates the ease of growth, proper care can help you grow healthy plants with high yields. So, here is how you can know if you are growing perfect cannabis at home that is rich in quality and shows competent return.


Look for Healthy Seeds

Walk to the nearest licensed dispensary to look for healthy seeds, or browse online and explore the high-quality buds and seed options you can shop. It is a critical step to ensure you grow a perfect cannabis plant. The quality of seed determines the yield and quality of the buds. Also, feminized or auto-flowering seeds give out a 100% female yield, which is the ideal case for any cannabis grower.

Research and buy only premium quality seeds that promise A grade yield. Legalized states have cannabis dispensaries, which is the right place to obtain genuine seed quality as opposed to any other marketplace.

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Rooting it Right

Rooting is right is the base of your growth, a critical component that determines the health of your plant. Hence the choice of the pot or growing area and soil needs a lot of your attention. The right pot or growing area will retain the necessary elements and ensure the elimination of excess water that could ruin your plant.

Check if the system has ample drainage holes for the excess water drain out. It helps improve the quality to match standards of premium grade products. Depending on the size of the plant you grow, choose an appropriate pot size. The root should have enough space to grow and expand. Analyze the root to check if the growing area causes a constraint in any way to stop the roots from spreading.

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Next, choose a soil type that does not retain too much water or not dry out completely to maintain the perfect moisture level. The right level of moisture is necessary for plant growth and health, and hence pay heed to it. Consult an expert to get tips on the types of soil to use.


Check for the Temperature, Humidity, and Light Levels in the Room

Cannabis is a photosensitive plant variety. Although hybrid weed seeds varieties such as auto-flowering plants eliminate the photo dependency for maturity, yet the right levels of light exposure can ensure high-quality buds. It will make sure you’re growing perfect cannabis. Ensure you give it sunlight only during the photoperiod to elevate growth hormone levels. If the leaves look dull in color, damaged, or there is a delay in flowering, it indicates light exposure causing a hormone imbalance in your plant. Environmental extremes such as excess humidity or temperature are direct stressors to the plant. If you see low yield, then the possibility that these stressors are affecting your plant growth is high. It is important to frequently check for the temperature, humidity, and light levels in the room to avoid any issues with growing perfect cannabis plants. 


Access the Leaf Fingers and Color

The color, texture, and growth pattern of your leaf is a direct indicator of plant health. Every leaf fan has several blades and fingers on its surface. Post maturity, most cannabis plants have about 9-11 fingers per fan.

It is a crucial aspect to inspect as it determines whether the plant originates from good genetics and if the plant receives enough nutrition for proper growth. Few strains have 7-8 fingers. Hence check the ideal number for your plant before you inspect.

You can observe these blades and fingers during the growth period too. Every new leaf in the plant has more fingers than the previous, and you can see a gradual increase in the number as a baby plant grows. Record this progress to analyze your plant better.

How to Know If You Are Growing Perfect Weed
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The Stem Stressor Test

When you grow plants in an outside environment, they are prone to several natural stressors such as air, pH levels, pest, light. Each of these stressors has a way of ensuring the endurance of the plant and its quality. Stem stressors are a great way of accessing the strength of the stem. Place a fan that creates air circulation within the room. It will cause the plant to sway and put stress on the stem. It can be useful for plant health as it helps the stem grow back more durable when exposed to small fractures due to such stress factors. If its stems break due to exposure, your plant is lacking strength. Local growers can help you understand how to strengthen your plant. Observe the stem for stretch marks. Stretch marks indicate fast and efficient growth. It is natural for the plant surface to have stretch marks as the growth is quite rapid as compared to natural conditions.

Utilize efficient training methods to control the size of your plant. Pruning is an important step to ensure your plant is always under control to adapt to the growing area. It is necessary to keep your plant under control in closed environments. A little trim will keep the dimensions in balance. Your plant needs to be busier than taller to ensure you receive high yield from such an exotic plant. Reach out to the nearest local growers to get more assistance on cannabis growth.

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