Golden Bubbles in Toronto

HK Milk Tea

Golden Bubbles, Canada’s Hong Kong waffle brand, has launched a new HK Milk Tea series based on the recipe that won this year’s prized Kam Cha competition, the official Hong Kong Milk Tea competition, in Toronto. The brand quickly became a local favourite for HK waffles when it launched its store with HK Milk Tea flavoured waffles, containing the same ingredients as a traditional HK Milk Tea. The delectable treats were sold out consistently during the first two weeks of the opening. Since then, Golden Bubbles has also launched the immensely popular HK Milk Tea Mochi Waffle, which has become one of their most recommended waffles among customers.

Alan Yau, the brain behind Golden, Bubbles recently released the Milk Tea Series, which includes HK Milk Tea (hot and cold), HK Iced Lemon Tea, and Milk Tea Ice Cream, all staples of everyday HK culture. Yau and his wife grew up in Hong Kong drinking HK Milk Tea: a delicious blend of Sri Lankan tea, evaporated milk, and sugar or sweetened condensed milk. I personally spent the first five months of this year living in Hong Kong and fell in love with the beverage. Sweet yet milky with a great depth of flavour, it’s unlike anything I had ever tasted before. The drink became a necessary consumption in my morning routine and I have missed it ever since my return to Canada.
Alan Yau, HK Milk TeaThe secret to making the perfect cup is unique to each brewer. To test his blend, Yau decided to participate in the official Kam Cha or “Golden Cup” competition in Toronto to see how his take on the classic Cantonese drink fared against the brewers in Canada. The competition takes place in different countries around the world to declare the best HK Milk Tea brewer each year. Winning the Toronto title convinced Yau he had something special in his hands. After tasting his creations myself, I couldn’t agree more.