Five Restaurants In Canada To Savour the Best Wine

Wine bottle
Photo Courtesy of Quentin Dr Photography

Canada is popular for its vast landscape with lakes, mountains, and true-blue arctic region. However, it’s traditional and ever-evolving cuisine has gathered more accolades than its wild landscape, and we’re not just talking about the poutine. Canada offers excellent traditional cuisine with fine wine to satiate your palate and soul. Check out these five restaurants in Canada to get a taste of the best wine.

529-Wellington – Winnipeg, MB  

This magnificent restaurant offers you the pleasure of savoring a Canada prime rib steak along with its exquisite collection of wine. Canadian prime beef is cherished by locals as it constitutes 0.5% of the country’s economy.

The restaurant is famous for its traditional Canadian cuisine that reflects the culture, tradition, and diversity of the land. The cellar of 529 Wellington holds the finest wine from the south of France to the big Syrah/Shiraz in Australia. The interiors are designed with an elegant and graceful ambiance that you can enjoy with your family and loved ones.

Atelier – Ottawa, ON  

Atelier has emerged as an impressive dining experiences for food connoisseurs. The restaurant boasts its vibrant food as well as its thoughtful wine collection, and excellent ambiance.

It’s an ideal place to quench your thirst for delicate wine from all across the world served with authentic Canadian cuisine. With its 12- course-tasting menu, get ready to indulge in a parade of seasonal and contemporary Canadian delight.

Canoe – Toronto, ON 

Canoe has been the torchbearer of “modern Canadian” cuisine, and has offered a splendid menu for the past 20 years. They have come up with modern delicacies that reflect the best of Canada ranging from caribou rump and sea buckthorn, to fried maple leaves.

The menu is a tribute to the country’s culture, people, and land. You will find some delicate and exquisite wine hailing from the best of the Canadian winemakers and international vineyards as well.

River Café – Calgary, AB 

River Café brings you the best of the local ingredients from every season. The cuisine style is deeply rooted in the traditional and simple culinary techniques inspired by the culture of the country. They offer the finest dining culture in the heart of Prince’s Island. Their wine list is one of the richest and exquisite in the country.

They have picked wine from all around the world with diverse grape varietal. The local Canadian wine reverberates the style, expression, and soul of the country and thus, it finds its way up at the top of River Café’s wine list.

Treadwell Farm-to-Table Cuisine – Niagara on the Lake, ON  

Treadwell takes the concept of farm-to-table to a whole other level. They emphasize the finest flavours of the Niagara region and their chefs and innovative use of local ingredients result in other-worldly mouth-watering delicacies. They offer the highest-quality wine produced in Canada, while their collection of international wines is also impressive. Enjoy a day out with your loved ones, take a stroll around the beautiful location and come back to the tantalizing flavours of Canada on your plate.

Canadian cuisine is as diverse and wild as its landscape and culture. These unique spots allow you to relish the delicious and world-class food and wine with elegance.