Fit For A Royal Baby

Royal Baby Shower Afternoon Tea, Omni King Edward Hotel

Afternoon Tea: a British tea-related ritual from the 1840s, created to satiate the hunger pangs between midday and evening meal times. Typically, it consists of delicate rectangle-shaped sandwiches, dainty miniatures cakes and sweet pastries, and the wonderful combination of warm scones with clotted cream and jam. The steeped tea beverage washes down the treats on offer and provides the ideal afternoon pick-me-up.

My recent outings for an afternoon tea have been to mark an occasion. What better way to celebrate a birthday, bride-to-be or upcoming birth than carbs, cream and cake? The Omni King Edward Hotel shares this belief. On April 6th they will be hosting a celebratory Afternoon Tea in honor of the upcoming birth of British royalty, Baby Sussex (also known as Baby Meghan-Harry).

I excitedly arrive at the ornate Omni King Edward hotel to sample the Royal Baby Shower Afternoon Tea created by Executive Chef, Elaine Wong. With my cherry blossoming bubble tea in hand, I start to explore the delectable delights presented to me.

Royal Baby Shower Afternoon Tea, Omni King Edward HotelFirst, I start with the miniature sandwiches, which are displayed beautifully and vary in shape and design. The Egg and Asparagus Pinwheel captures my attention; it is playful and resembles a toddler’s toy. The soft white bread is coated evenly in a layer of smooth, creamy egg mayonnaise and the asparagus spear center gives it an interesting crunch. I move on to the open-faced sandwich, the Eggplant and Goat Cheese Bundle of Joy. It is delightful for both the eyes and taste-buds. The smoky eggplant pairs well with the creamy cheese. Next, I tuck into the Spring Chicken Fricassee. The bread of this rectangle shaped sandwich is tinged gold and is complete with a chicken and spring vegetable filling, reminiscent of the British classic: chicken pot pie. It is wonderful and so far, my favorite. The cucumber, watermelon radish and mint-dill cream cheese sandwich is interesting; I fully appreciate the use of seasonal ingredients in this version. Lastly, I tuck in to the maple mustard pulled pork sandwich. Despite seeming out of place amongst the rest of the savory selection, it is enjoyable.

Royal Baby Shower Afternoon Tea, Omni King Edward HotelWith my carb-loading complete, my sweet tooth guides me to the dessert assortment. I start off with the Baby Bump Madeline, a fluffy textured treat resembling a mother’s pregnant tummy. The idea is witty and is executed well. I look at the menu and note the Chocolate Ice Cream and Pickle Craving offering, which was designed to signify an unusual bittersweet pregnancy craving. I am disappointed to see that the pickle was excluded, which I find out is due to the clashing of flavors. Note to self: try this combination at home. Nonetheless, the chocolate cone was wonderfully rich, and provides the quick chocolate fix I was in search of. The Ready to Hatch Robin’s Egg Macaron is crisp, satisfying and a beautiful shade of baby blue. The Pastel Pink Battenberg follows a classic recipe; great for those who enjoy this type of cake. However, for me, the star of the show is the Maple Walnut Choux Bun in the Oven. Resembling a profiterole, the choux pastry is light with a smooth, nutty filling.

Despite being full to the brim, I decide sample the scones offered to me. I slather the clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam on to the freshly baked buttery good, and sink my teeth into it. It is divine.

Royal Baby Shower Afternoon Tea, Omni King Edward HotelThe creators of this Afternoon Tea at the Omni King Edward hotel unquestionably designed it with purpose and intent, and the level of detail displayed is impressive. The menu is well-thought out and consists of seasonal ingredients and items to suit the theme and audience. This Afternoon Tea is Royal…both in presentation and taste.

The Royal Baby Shower Afternoon Tea is $54 per person plus tax and gratuity and will be held on Saturday, April 6th from 1.30pm to 5pm in the hotel’s Sovereign Ballroom.