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Everything You Need To Know About Thailand’s Corgi Cafe

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Are you as obsessed with corgis as I am? Then you better plan a trip to Bangkok! In case you hadn’t heard, the Thai capital is home to a corgi cafe (yes, you read that correctly.)

Aptly named Corgi Cafe, this magical place houses 12 adorable corgi pups and for one hour each day, the dogs are unleashed on cafe patrons. During that one hour, restaurant-goers can pet them, play with them, and give them treats. Sounds like doggy paradise, doesn’t it? As if they could get even cuter, the dogs have quirky names like Porkchop, Bean, Pumpkin, Babycorn, and Salmon. I’m pretty sure I can’t imagine anything more fun than sipping a latte while enjoying some one on one puppy time.

The cafe’s owner, Tanchanok Kanawaong, has always been a corgi lover and initially had one as a pet before ever considering opening an eatery. However, when her dog gave birth to puppies, she decided she wanted to share the love, which is when the idea for Corgi Cafe entered her mind. While Kanawaong is proud of her business, she does note that the dogs are always the priority and have plenty of rest each day.

Visitors can pay roughly $11 USD for one hour of playtime with the adorable creatures. Corgi Cafe is quickly becoming a hot spot among both tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re looking for a stress reliever or you want to feel like the Queen of England, Corgi Cafe should be on your bucket list! (Fun fact: A movie about the Queen’s love of the small, fluffy breed is being made and is titled The Queen’s Corgis.)

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Following a trend of animal cafes in Asia and around the globe, this is not the first of its kind in the region. Tokyo is home to not one but three owl cafes, as well as a hedgehog cafe, while Seoul has a raccoon cafe called Blind Alley and Taipei has an alpaca cafe. Here in North America, we’re partial to cat cafes, but I sincerely hope a corgi cafe is in our future! I’m not quite sure what it is about these pups, whether it’s their perky ears, little tails, or short and stout bodies (perhaps a combination of all three,) but the world just can’t get enough!

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