Effects of Cannabis on Women’s Well-Being

Effects of cannabis on womens wellbeing
Effects of cannabis on womens wellbeing
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There are physiological differences between men and women, for which reason different substances might produce different effects upon different genders. Men and women might react differently to the consumption of cannabinoids. Due to the lack of research on the matter, there’s little to no hard evidence on the effects of cannabis on women’s well-being, especially during pregnancy. Though cannabis is fairly considered to be harmless when used in moderation, we still need scientific evidence on the matter. For now, all we have are anecdotal evidence but we can still make some educated guesses on the effect of cannabis on women’s health.

Hormonal Cycle

The hormonal cycle women go through every month shifts the levels of estrogen in their bodies. There’s a correlation between the levels of estrogen and the effects cannabis produces upon the user’s body. As the estrogen levels increase, the effects produced by cannabis amplify. This means that the same cannabis, let’s say Ice Cream strain, would produce a different effect upon a woman’s body during different stages of the monthly cycle. The lower your estrogen, the harder it is for a woman to get high, and vice versa. Some smokers are reporting having different effects from the same cannabis during different stages of the hormonal cycle. As well as the difference in effects they themselves had compared to their male partners.

Effects of Cannabis During Pregnancy

Long story short, we lack scientific evidence on either harmful or positive effects of cannabis during pregnancy. Common sense, though, suggests that women should not take such substances as cannabis during pregnancy. The risks outweigh the benefits: what we know for sure is that such substances as tobacco and alcohol, as well as heavy drugs, do impact the fetus negatively. This may point to the possible negative effects of smoking cannabis during pregnancy. Simply put, it is better to abstain from smoking cannabis for the duration of pregnancy. Also includes the breastfeeding period, so you don’t put your baby in harm’s way. We would surely need some more scientific data in the future as cannabis becomes legalized in more countries.

Benefits of Cannabis for Women

What can be said for sure is that cannabis offers pain-relief properties, which might be beneficial during the menstrual cycle. Of course, each woman goes through her period differently. And while some might go through these days without serious discomfort, some experience severe pain and mood changes. Cannabis is known for its pain-relieving properties as well as the ability to reduce anxiety and stress. These might come in really handy during the periods. Of course, you need to remember that cannabis might have different effects on you depending on your mood, hormonal composition, and other factors. That is why it is recommended that you consult with your doctor if you want to use cannabis as a remedy for menstrual symptoms.

Wrap Up

Men and women react differently to different substances they use. There are differences in how sexes react to alcohol, and of course, there are some differences in the way they react to cannabis. These differences are not that drastic, though you might notice some if you smoke with your male friends. That is why you need to take some of the peculiarities of smoking marijuana as a woman into account. What we can tell for sure, is that smoking during pregnancy is not recommended – we don’t know for sure, but it might have some serious impact upon your future child. Other than that, if you don’t have any particular health conditions, you are welcome to keep on smoking your pot responsibly. 

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Written by Candice Williamson

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