Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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Honestly, I don’t recall a Halloween when this hasn’t happened to me. I never know what to wear, I always want a super costume but day arrives and I’m in blank. 


And yes, I love Halloween. I mean, I get really excited when everyone on the streets are characters from movies, series and cartoons, it gives me happiness that everyone at least once per year can be everything they want. 


And there’s also a part of me that’s scared too, it’s Halloween and you can see pretty sick costumes, I wonder how many times and for how long people prepared their idea and make it a reality. 


I wonder because I’ve never prepared a costume in advance, it’s like October arrives and I think “Oh, I need to get ready for Halloween” and suddenly it’s Halloween, and today is no exception. 


I’m running trying to figure out what would be the custom I’m gonna wear because it’s not gonna be super elaborated, I don’t have time, but that won’t make it less cool. 

I don’t want to take any more of your time because we have a lot of work to do.

These are some of the best last-minute homemade Halloween costume ideas:


DIY Pop-Art Lady.

Makeup is always an essential part of all remarkable homemade Halloween costume ideas. Ladies will simply adore this last-minute Halloween option because you will literally look like you have come from a comic strip! All that you need for Lichtenstein-inspired costume is some red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, (or any other colour you like) huge earrings, and some white eyeshadow you will draw with on your face.


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Beer Pong Life Of The Party DIY Couple Costume.

Gluing some simple solo cups is what you need to do for this amazing couple DIY Halloween costume! Glue those with ping pong balls tied by the piece of a clipboard and then just put it around your neck! I promise that everyone will want to hang around with you two! That’s exactly why this costume is called the life of the party…


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Cereals are not only for breakfast…

What am I talking about here in the first place? Well, an amazing homemade Halloween costume idea is waiting for you! Your best choice – cereal killer! Take some full-size or mini cereal boxes and glue those to some old white T-shirt. Plastic forks are also very welcomed, and you can also glue those to cereal boxes and hold them in your hands. What about blood? Oh, it is very welcomed because you are a cereal killer, right? Do it with some makeup. Your sister won’t be mad if you steal her red lipstick and ‘make blood with it’ on your T-shirt, I promise.


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‘Couple In Black’ Halloween Costume.

Easy couple homemade costume that won’t require much time and money to be created. This is perfectly suitable for best friends and partners (in crime?). All that you have to do to create stunning looks is to recreate Men in the Black movie! You need dark suits, sunglasses, and ties. And don’t forget to take your doggo with you! It can be a toy if you don’t have one.


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Brand New Parents.

A remarkable homemade Halloween costume idea for a cute couple is right here! All that you need to do to create a look of brand new parents is to make your hair messy, wear a pyjama, yawn all the time and put as much makeup as you need to create those horrifying bags under your eyes. Did I mention that your pyjama must have numerous stains? Of course, a baby doll is a must accessory as well.


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I believe that you will enjoy this Halloween with these simple DIY costumes! As you can see from my list, there is something for everyone here – ladies, gentlemen, and couples!


I’m not quite sure which one I’m gonna wear, but now I don’t feel worried because I can choose.


I hope you all got inspired and I wish you a super Happy Halloween!


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