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Easy Hacks for Living and Eating Healthier

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If you’re struggling to keep up with your New Year’s resolution to eat and live a healthier lifestyle, we’ve got what you need to keep your resolutions going. It can be really hard to stick with the habit of healthy living, especially if that’s not something you’re used to, or if you’re stressed or busy. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep repeating the pattern of healthy eating and living. The sooner you make it routine, the easier it’ll be to keep up your streak. To help you stay on track, we’ve put together some easy hacks for living and eating healthier, in hopes to simplify your health goals a bit. Take a look!

Add Fruit to Your Water so You Drink More

Chances are you need to drink more water. A lot of people don’t get their daily water intake because they don’t like the taste of water. This lack of water is bad for your energy levels, skin, and more. If you struggle to drink the right amount of water each day, then add some fruit to your water. It’s one of the easiest ways to make water taste better, but if you don’t want to infuse it with fruit, then try adding a bit of juice.

Pre-Cut and Store Your Fruits and Veggies for Quick Snacking

If you always want to turn to unhealthy snacks when you’re hungry, then you need to keep healthy snacks on hand. Pita chips and hummus are a great choice, but if you’re trying to get more fresh produce into your diet, then pre-cut fruits and veggies for easy access. Store the produce in little storage bags or containers so that you can easily grab and go!

Make Your Lunch Before Work to Avoid Buying

We’ve all been there—it’s the morning, and suddenly the thought of coming up with a lunch plan seems too difficult. We think it’ll just be easier to buy something from a nearby restaurant. That’s as bad a plan for your pocket as it is for your health. To keep from falling into this rabbit hole, make your lunch each night before bed. The sooner you make this a part of your routine, the sooner your body will be nutritiously energized, and your bank account won’t run low.

Get Outside for 15 to 30 Minutes Each Day

Our biggest tip for simply living a healthier lifestyle is by ensuring that you’re getting outside for at least 15 to 30 minutes each day. A lot of us get in the habit—especially in the winter—of only stepping outside to get to and from our cars to the building. Our bodies crave fresh air and movement, and when you focus on daily outdoor movement, your body will be much more energized to live that healthy lifestyle you’ve been craving.

Use Smaller Plates for Smaller Portion Sizes

Get rid of those massive plates your grandma gave you—they’re one of the main reasons that we overeat. Our plates are so big, so our serving sizes are that much bigger than they’re supposed to be. Get back in the habit of small portion sizes by donating the big plates and purchasing smaller plates. You may feel like you need to go back for seconds, but when you drink a glass of water before eating and then stick to the smaller plates, your stomach will fill up faster and you’ll grow used to smaller portions.

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Written by Mallory Knee

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