Dr. Martens: They Make Sandals, Too

free people sanda e1554604322393
free people sanda e1554604322393
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Even though sandal season may be far off in Toronto, I had to find a comfortable sandal option for my Visit Florida trip. My problem with sandals is that they can be hard to break in. Whenever I buy a pair of Birkenstocks, they rip my feet apart, even when I’ve worn them for months.

I was perusing through the Free People site and noticed that Dr. Martens actually has sandals. This was news to me and all my Docs lovin’ friends. A Dr. Martens shoe for every season? Yes, please.

The ones I bought, the Adaria Gladiator sandals, are like walking on a cloud. They took zero time to break in, which worried me. Since the Toronto weather didn’t allow for it, I wasn’t able to break them in beforehand. I enjoyed a full day of walking through New Smyrna Beach today, and had zero blisters or feet soreness. Plus, they gave me two inches in height without having to wear murderous heels.

As you might know, I talked about my favourite Dr. Martens looks for 2019. To add to the list, here are some Dr. Martens styles for sandal season.

Blaire Flatform Sandal

This style has received rave reviews. It also comes in the colour Charro Brando, and there is a Vegan version.

Nartilla Sandals

The ties on these sandals are super cute. Plus, they’re 20% off right now at Urban Outfitters!


The white and black combo is pure perfection. They also come in a variety of colours, including pink metallic.

No matter what Dr. Martens style you choose during the warm weather season, your feet will be stylish and comfortable all at once.

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Written by Terris Schneider

Terris Schneider is a writer from Vancouver, now based in Toronto. She is the Creative Team Lead for DINE Magazine and covers everything from food, fashion, music, travel, and lifestyle. Her published works have appeared in Discorder, Metro News, Stop Street Harassment, Pique Newsmagazine, The Post Feminist Post, Flannel Magazine, and Sophomore Magazine. Check out her column: Witch, Don't Kill My Vibe.

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