Dolce Gelato

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Nothing can compare to the heavenly pleasure of sweet gelato on your tongue. The frosty chill of an icy treat. A lick of sweet snow. Smooth. Soft. Silky.

The flavours sing in vibrant tunes. Each song plays its own unique melody. Each a masterpiece you savour note by note. How sad it is, when the music ends.


A decadent melody of bacio… mouthfuls of rich dreamy chocolate hazelnuts. Each taste is a smooth journey… a gondola ride through deep cocoa canals, crowded with chopped hazelnuts.

A bold band blasting frutti di Bosco… mixed berries blended to creamy tart perfection … an explosion of flavour for your senses. A booming beat from start to finish.

At Dolce Gelato, sweet treats ignite your senses. The displays are flooded with rows of vibrant colours, candied aromas and sharp, fresh, velvety flavours. There are 60 options to choose from. Surely, in this café of gelato and desserts, no one could leave unsatisfied. With so many choices, you will find the flavour that sings to you.

If you fancy fresh fruity flavours then might I suggest the lemon or raspberry, my personal favourites. Both are refreshing, tangy and sweet. Each perfectly compliments the other, which is precisely why I order a medium cup with one scoop of lemon and one of raspberry. But if this is not the song for you, then explore the other orchards of flavour: mango, pineapple, blueberry, coconut, or pompelmo rosa (grapefruit sorbet), to name a few.


If your taste buds take you elsewhere, let them land on the full-bodied flavours of sweet rich chocolates. Mon Chér (dark chocolate with cherries), dolce Bianco (white chocolate), candied pistachio with dark cocoa drizzle or divine chocolate. All are a treat. Reminiscent of a lazy afternoon, sitting under hot Italian sun in a piazza full life.

If your heart desires gelato whipped as sweet desserts, then you will find treasure here. Strawberry cheesecake, pistaccio sicilia, dolce d’leche (rich caramel toffee and caramel swirl), tiramisu, stracciatella and mandorla tostada to list just some of the luscious flavours you may try.

If you embrace the carefree joys of life and remain young at heart, then perhaps playful fun flavours like Oreo, bubble gum, and Reese will call to you.

If your palette pines for refined taste, seek and fine… soft, silvery, mellow… harmonious mellifluous desserts! Dulcet flavours that sing so well. These are – in my heart – among the best in the café.  Inspired by decadent drinks: amaretto, mocha, espresso, French vanilla cappuccino, and rum raisin, are heaven. The gods’ gifts to our mortal stomachs.

Enjoy these flavours in a cup (small, medium, large), or in a cone (sugar or waffle).


But you know… the best way to enjoy gelato… is with a waffle or a crepe. Add strawberries, bananas, Nutella, or almonds on top and enjoy.

Dolce Gelato also serves a vast array of cakes, biscotti, and cannolis, along with delectable coffees, espressos and cappuccinos. Visit them on 414 Danforth Avenue, 697 College Street or 234 Augusta Avenue.



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Written by Jennifer Gault


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