Do You Wear the Pants Apron in the Family?

“Yeah, I’ll cook dinner. How do you like your frosted flakes?”


If you think your cooking skills could use a refresher, you’re not alone. Between new restaurants constantly popping up, and food apps that we probably use more than we should, it’s easy to lose touch with home-cooked meals. While we don’t expect Gordon Ramsay level techniques, here are some of the foods that you should definitely know how to cook:

1. Burgers
It’s super valuable to know how to cook a burger regardless of what your patty is made up of. Meat-eaters and non-eaters alike should definitely know how to make this staple food. *Googles how to turn on the grill.*
My favourite way to eat them: with a beef patty!

Home-made cake2. Cake
Make your cake and eat it too! You don’t have to be any kind of cake boss, but knowing how to make basic desserts is always a treat!
My favourite way to eat it: with caramel buttercream!

3. Chicken
If you are trying to integrate more protein in your life (that is so mature of you), then look no further than a simple chicken meal! As one of the most popular proteins in the world, this is a definitely an ingredient you should know how to cook.
My favourite way to eat it: stir fried!

4. Chicken Soup
Aside from being super delicious, chicken soup is the perfect meal for when you’re sick.
My favourite way to eat it: with extra carrots!

5. Cookies
Dessert is a great thing to bring to a pot luck meal, and cookies are always a crowd pleaser. No judgement if you buy pre-made cookie dough.
My favourite way to eat them: with cookies ‘n’ cream pieces!

6. Eggs
Okay, eggs should kind of be a no-brainer. I’m not saying you should be able to master a perfect poached egg, but considering how many dishes require eggs, you should have a basic understanding of what to do with them. 
My favourite way to eat them: scrambled!

7. Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheese is my go-to meal for when time is not on my side. Easy to make and liked among all ages!
My favourite way to eat it: with cheddar cheese and tomato slices!

Home-made pancakes8. Pancakes
There are so many different ways to make pancakes including gluten free! Most recent home-made pancakes I’ve tried? Spinach-based!
My favourite way to eat them: with Nutella and strawberries!

9. Pasta
Based on how much pasta I eat, I definitely qualify as an honorary Italian. As such a versatile dish, it’s obvious why you should know how to make it.
My favourite way to eat it: penne noodles in a cream sauce!

10. Potatoes
Potatoes require minimal maintenance, and are a perfect side. They can be mashed, baked, boiled, roasted, fried; all of which are super tasty!
My favourite way to eat them: sweet potato baked!

11. Rice
If you struggle with achieving the perfect rice/water ratio, join the club. Pick up a rice cooker for some extra assistance!
My favourite way to eat it: with home-made teriyaki sauce!

12. Roasted Vegetables
Super simple to make, and the perfect food to help you improve your knife skills.
My favourite way to eat them: double-cooked in the oven!

13. Salad Dressing
I can’t say I have totally mastered this, but I do love making my own dressings because that way I know exactly what is going in it. Best part is, you aren’t technically cooking (you’re welcome.) If you’ve never attempted dressing before, start off easy with a simple vinaigrette!
My favourite way to eat it: with Italian seasoning!

14. Salmon
If you’re looking to eat something on the healthier side, salmon is the perfect place to start, and it only takes 12-15 minutes to make!
My favourite way to eat it: lemon glazed!

15. Tomato Sauce
Knowing how to cook a basic sauce can go a long way! Try doubling on vegetables for extra fresh and authentic flavouring.
My favourite way to eat it: extra garlic!