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DIY Crafts to Do While You’re Home with the Kids

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Spending 24/7 cooped up at home with family during Coronavirus has been…challenging for many of us, to say the least. Parents are forced to feel like they need to appreciate every moment of this time at home with their kids, while their own self-care is halted for the time being. DIY crafts to do while you’re home with the kids is a great way to occupy your kids with adventures while you have some wine and reality TV time. It’s not selfish to need some me-time, and while other family members can help out with these crafts, it might be a useful way for you and your child to bond in a productive day, while letting them burn out all that tiresome kid energy.

From outdoor adventures and pillow forts to art projects at home, there are tons of gratifying DIY crafts to do while you’re home with the kids during this unique time.

Tie-dye old clothes with food

If you’re not about using artificial colors, consider natural dyes like tea and avocado, which can turn your items pink. You can always swap garments for socks, hand towels, and napkins. This doubles as an interior design hack and a DIY craft you can complete with the kiddos.

Play restaurant

Since dine-in restaurants are no longer a thing, why not make a faux restaurant at home with the kids? Do a DIY menu with a mix of your favorite (and their favorite) dishes. If they want to be the customer, go for it, but we suggest having them act as the waiter while you and bae have a delicious dinner date night. Two birds, one stone!

Bake with the kids

This often sounds easier in concept than it does in reality, but we’ve actually found a solid amount of kid-friendly baking recipes to do at home that won’t result in a disaster. Consider something like these banana bread” recipes. Feel free to change up the recipe and make it your own, by adding some of your kid’s favorite ingredients into the mix. 

Make some homemade sprinkles

Making DIY sprinkles is just as fun as baking (and less messy), and they can be used for ice cream, cake pops, and more. All you need for this playful and easy recipe is piping bags, parchment paper, a baking sheet, and some ingredients to make royal icing.

Make your own playdough

Recreate the OG childhood favorite of kids all around the globe – playdough. This sticky and stretchy material is often too greasy, or too dry, but this recipe hits the middle ground just right, and all with ingredients that are already sitting in your pantry. Make a unicorn layered mason jar or a cute gift that your child can make for family members.

Create the perfect pillow fort

Whether it’s a no parents allowed, no boys allowed, or no girls allowed situation, pillow forts are the most snuggly facilitators of cozy and loving bonding moments. With a rope, clothespins, some sheets, and blankets, you can transport your family to another planet (or just the kids, if you need a break. Star decorations are optional but highly recommended.

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Written by Naima Karp

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