Dinner and a Story

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Mexican Storytelling dinners

Velas Resorts of Mexico have found a unique way to blend food with culture. In order to connect their guests with Mexican traditions, they are offering storytelling dinners. In other words, they are creating meals to represent a story, and then having their staff narrate the story throughout the meal. Storytelling is currently available in Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta.

In Los Cabos at Frida, guests have an opportunity to experience dishes that are as vibrant as her artwork. Mexican traditions are honoured through pre-Hispanic foods. This includes escamoles, corn and quintoniles. According to Mexican ancient history, the basis and fundamentals for the creation of humans is corn, making it an important focus on the menu. The drinks being served are also centre around Frida, by using the inspiration of what she once served in her own house. These drinks consist of mescal, tequila and raicilla.

Riviera Maya introduces guests to the history of culture through food and drink at Yucatecan, Chaka and Frida. At Chaka, the menu was articulately created by chef, Laura Avalos based off the Mayan story of the warrior brothers and the woman they simultaneously fell in love with. At Frida, guests are told stories about Frida’s wedding through the artwork created by chef Ricardo de la Vega. Each dish is served on ceramic dishes created by the indigenous people of Chiapas, Jalisco and Oaxaca.

Riviera Nayarit allow guests to enjoy special food specifically from the Nayarit region on its beachfront. The menu includes specials like Jalisco-style stewed beef birria, San Blas-style fish ceviche and creamy coconut tart with mango-jackfruit gelato. During the meal, a Huichol artisan is present and making traditional crafts. Established menu ingredients such as, blue corn and different kinds of chiles are used to decorate the dining area.

In Puerto Vallarta, guests staying at the Casa Velas hotel have the unique opportunity to learn about the Huichol culture through their food. This takes place in the true old part of town, at the art gallery in downtown Puerto Vallarta. The night begins with a painting followed by a three-course dinner. Guests also have the chance to expand their knowledge on Huichol tradition as they sip Tejuino, a celebrated drink from the region.

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Other notable events hosted by the resorts include:


In September, the resorts are participating in Guacamania. It is a month-long celebration centered around the Mexican heritage of the avocado. The festivities capitalize on the fruit’s flavour, and nutritional value. There are original menu items, avocado-themed cocktails, skincare regimens and more.

The Passion Fruit Festival
Similar to the celebrations of the avocado, guests are given the chance to sample specialized menus, beverages, and spa services in honour of the passion fruit. The festivities take place in August at the Velas Vallarta located in Puerto Vallarta.

The Best of Mexico Culinary Traditions
In order to celebrate food and traditions of Mexico, five of the top chefs in the country are coming together for this exciting event. It takes place from October 10th to 14th at Grand Velas in Riveria Maya. It focuses primarily on ingredients, flavours and culinary techniques in Mexican heritage. The event has a seven-course dinner that is served with mescal and beer.

Note: Storytelling dinners are complementary at the Grand Velas resorts. However at Casa Velas, dinners are $450 plus service per person (including transportation from the hotel to the gallery.)