Cutest Winter Boots for This Wild Toronto Weather

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Just because it’s miserable out in Toronto, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good during a stormy, snowy walk. Since this is my first Toronto winter, I have come prepared. I bought myself a pair of fur lined Palladium boots from Little Burgundy months before the weather turned. Now my feet are warm and dry, and I still feel stylish as ever. Here are some other options that are cute but will also take on the Toronto slush piles.


Whenever I see a pair of Sorel boots, all I can think of is how cozy they look. It must be like wearing slippers but in public. I’ve never required Sorel boots when I was living in Vancouver, but I can understand their appeal in Toronto.


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If you’ve ever visited the Australian Boot Company store on Queen, it can be a hectic mess. That’s because everyone wants to buy a pair of Blundstones. They are really big in BC, but I had no idea how popular they’d be in Toronto. They have good contraction, and last forever. Plus there are so many great colours to choose from.


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Timberland boots have always been a solid option. The colours are beautiful and they are so well constructed. Now you can get them in these limited edition colours at Little Burgundy. The Men’s boots in the green colour are on sale right now for $169.98.


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I am in love with my Palladium boots so I just had to mention them. These ones are a different style, but they look like they would survive a Toronto winter, while also being practical for other seasons.


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