Talking Uncool Saturday Nights & The Best Way to Die with Curt Montgomery

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Known for his minimalist but bold line work, Curt Montgomery is one of Toronto’s most beloved tattoo artists. A resident artist at Holy Noir, Curt’s signature pieces include hands, roses, skeletons, and some kinky content. All the designs on his Instagram are gold, so it’s no shocker that he has such a massive following. Even with such an impressive social media presence, Curt is a down-to-earth Canadian dude. We chatted with him about all things Toronto and how he wants to go out with a bang (literally).


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What is your favourite Toronto neighbourhood?

Kensington/Dundas West, that’s mostly where I live and hangout.

What are some of Toronto’s best kept secret cool things to do?

I have no clue what’s cool.  My favourite place to be is Cafe Diplomatico, they’ll provide you with as much bread as you can handle. And Splish Splash laundry, that’s my Saturday night. 

What is the best item in your wardrobe?

My “Better Gift Shop” baseball hat.


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Favourite tattoo artist(s)?

Yoojin Park (@stnrtatt).

What is the weirdest thing someone has asked you to get tattooed?

Something with shading. 

What is your dream tattoo to put on someone?

Anything and everything with lines. 

What is your dream tattoo to get for yourself?

Santa Claus full colour. Or absolutely nothing, I hate getting tattooed. 


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Do you think people are too hard on Nickelback?

Absolutely. They revived rock and roll in the early 2000’s. TM.

What’s your favourite Canadian tune?

Harlequin “I Did It For Love” and Triumph “Fight the Good Fight.”

Your work deals a lot with death. What do you think is the ideal way to go out?


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