Creative Cannabis Ideas to Spice Your Event

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Weed themed events are becoming very popular in many parts of the world. You can host your own cannabis event and enjoy eating some delicious meals and drinking the best beverages that are cannabis-infused.

Below are some lists of creative ideas that will make your eventa very memorable one for you and your guests.

Play a Smoking Game

Organizing a party is to enjoy yourself and a weed-themed one is no exception. In order to keep your guests fully entertained, give them something to focus on. The game is straightforward, things to smoke can include joints, rigs, blunts and many more.

Every one of the players sits around and breathe in a puff of smoke. At that point, they hold their breath and pass the joint to their left side. You have to hold your breath until the joint gets passed back to you.

To make the game fun, set a timer. And once the timer goes off, you can see which of your friends can hold their breath longer.

Research has shown that California is set to become the global epicenter of adult cannabis events.

High Enhancing Snacks

Party guests love munching on snacks as most parties don’t include three course meals in their program. So, if you are planning to throw a cannabis-themed party, ensure that your guests and buddies have many things to munch on. Certain foods such as sweet potatoes which can be made into fries, mango slices and nuts can serve as munchies.

Long-Necked Bong

If you have a flair for collecting glass, you will most likely love to do a display of your awesome collection. Many cannabis smokers have a collection of pipes, bubblers, and bongs. But, one of the greatest additions to your collection can be a long-necked bong. This piece stands out and will make your entire collection look better.

In addition, the perk of long necked bong is its several smoking chambers. These chambers help cool the heat before it reaches your lungs. With a long necked bong or two, your party will be much fun. Visit skunkmagazine.comCreative Cannabis Ideas to Spice Your Event


Apple Pipes

So, you want to organise a weed themed event but you don’t have glass or paper. Don’t worry; you can always put your creative mind to work. To an apple pipe is quite easy. Get an apple and remove the stem. After that, use a pen to make a hole in the place where the stem is supposed to be and push the pen half way. Make another hole through the side of the apple and let it connect with the first hole. Get an aluminium bowl and enjoy smoking through the cuts you have made.

Nonetheless, ensure that you or your guests are not allergic to apple. If anyone of you is allergic to apple, opt for other fruits.


If you want to organise one of the best cannabis themed event, a tabletop vaporiser is the first thing that should be on your list. By using a tabletop vaporiser, many of the party guests can partake and it is an efficient way to use bud. There are different forms of vaporizers. Some have a dial which you can set to control the temperature while others have a digital screen.

In addition, you can choose between easy and solid valves. Forinstance, if you are organising a large party, you can make use of the solid valves which allow users to change the bag size. However, if the party is for a small number of people, you can make use of the easy valves. Above all, never forget that a tabletop vaporiser is a must have in any weed themed party.


Your cannabis themed event is incomplete without rolls. In case you are planning a big party, it will definitely cost you a whole lot of time and energy to make enough rolls for everyone who will be in attendance.

Well, the good news is that you can get some pre-rolls. In fact, you can buy pre-rolls easily from a local head shop or buy them online. Sine pre-rolls are paper in raw form, you can rest assured that you will be getting quality ones. These cones are made of natural organic hemp paper and can be used by anyone: vegans and non-vegans.Creative Cannabis Ideas to Spice Your Event



Planning a party without edibles can be boring. Edibles are very important when throwing a weed event. And one of the easiest ways to make edibles is by using extractors. If your event is meant for a large number of guests, it will be rather tiring to try to make all the cannabis butter by hand. In a case where you mess up the cannabis butter, you can end up feeling extremely stressed and angry at yourself.

You can use extractors to do the hard and tiring task for you in a short period of time. All you need to do is to put your desired quantity of cannabis and butter. Turn on the extractor and before you know it, you will be able to make all the edibles you want.


Your cannabis event is incomplete without something that your guests can drink. You can spice the beverage up with some weed. Also, you can get some really nice fruit juice and spike it with cannabis. Add various flavours of your choice. Ensure that your guests are not allergic to any fruit or drink.


Lighters are essential parts of a weed event. You can buy one of the fancy, rechargeable lighters. With the advancement in technology, there are many lighters that are flameless, windproof and totally safe.

They come on at the click of a button and can make an excellent addition to the list of things to add to your weed themed event.


This is an equally important addition to your cannabis themed event. So, get the right genre of music for your event and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Try not to drink too much while smoking

Alcohol has a way of strengthening the effects of cannabis. For many consumers, that can spell the end of their night.

Creative Cannabis Ideas to Spice Your Event

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