Crazy Crepes Makes Their Debut in Canada

ferdandie sarito
ferdandie sarito
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Whether it’s egg waffles, taiyaki or mochi you can find me sampling various Japanese sweets whenever I have the chance. I have a major sweet tooth and am fascinated by other cultures delicacies, so when I heard that an iconic Japanese chain called Crazy Crepes was ready to make their debut in Canada, you can imagine my excitement sky-rocketed. 

Founded in 2000, Crazy Crepes has opened 50 stores worldwide and will provide over 60 varieties of Japanese crepes at their Toronto location.

Japanese Crepes

So what makes Japanese crepes so special? In comparison to your traditional French Crepes which have a crisp texture and are plated, Japanese crepes are rolled into a cone and tend to be softer. Also in terms of combinations, French crepes can be filled with both sweet and savoury options, whereas Japanese crepes tend to be filled with only sweet. For example, according to Harajuku locals, a basic type of crepe that you kind find on the streets of Tokyo would consist of fruits, a ton of whipped cream and some sort of sweet sauce.

The Church Street Shop

Crazy Crepes is set to open shop sometime in April on 366 Church Street. Customers can expect the store’s interior design to resemble a Harajuku-like feel which features pink interior and includes carousels hanging from the ceiling, among other decor.

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Written by Neha Lobana

Neha Lobana is a freelance writer and former journalist in Toronto who recently made the switch to pursue a career in corporate affairs and communications. During her spare time you can find her reading, hiking or exploring new places.

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