CBD Side Effects To Watch Out For

While it usually doesn’t have too many negative reactions, you should be aware of these potential effects

CBD side effects
CBD side effects
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It seems like CBD is some miracle compound curing all our illnesses left and right, and while it does house a range of wellness benefits, there can be some effects, which range from mild to more serious. Potential reactions can come from taking more CBD than you need or the way that you’re consuming it. Here are all the CBD side effects to watch out for when self-medicating.


Otherwise referred to as dry mouth, this is one of the more treatable side effects of CBD. Cannabis products generally cause it since cannabinoids can stop our saliva production, leading to an uncomfortably dry mouth. The fix? Stock up on fruits and hydrating liquids pre-consumption, during, and after.

Low Blood Pressure

Many of us are stressed and want to reduce our blood pressure intentionally. But for anyone with hypotension, CBD usage needs to be cautiously dosed due to its side effects. Even if you don’t suffer from hypotension, if you often get lightheaded, your usage should be cautiously monitored as well.

Nausea or Dizziness

Cannabis does wonder for fixing nausea and dizzy spells, but if you’re highly sensitive, it can occasionally be the cause! While the dosage is certainly something to mind, consumption is equally important to pay attention to if you’re vaping, eating edibles, consuming an oil, listening to your body, and considering switching it up to see if this stops that frustrating nausea.


If you’re trying to stave off a case of constipation, CBD is your best friend. However, upping your dosage too much can happen. THC, on the other side of the spectrum, can encourage constipation. If you get diarrhea after consuming cannabidiol, take it as a warning sign that you might want to reduce the dosage.


Some people use this compound for its ability to cure sleep disorders and insomnia. Still, if you’re using it for other purposes and preventing the ability to focus, you might want to change your CBD strain. After all, they each have a different purpose. Trial and error are the only way to determine the CBD side effects and if it works with your body. This side effect might also pop up if you’re taking other medicine with sleepy sedative side effects.

Interactions with Other Drugs

If you’re taking prescription drugs, you’ll want to consult your doctor before administering your own CBD – particularly in drugs that come with the warning to avoid consuming grapefruit. CBD occupies an enzyme that many prescription substances use for metabolization. Other side effects can come from immune-suppressive or antipsychotic prescriptions, migraine meds, and anticonvulsants.

A Final Note

The poor quality of CBD can cause many of these side effects. These products are often not made in the USA. Hence, they have lower refining and growing standards, which can cause some not-so-pleasant consequences. To avoid buying these,

Carefully read labels, and don’t trust anything too cheap, as it could contain heavy metals, mold, pesticides, and more.

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