CBD Oil for Stress

One of CBD’s most powerful uses is stress management – here’s how to use CBD oil to melt your stress away

CBD oil for Stress
CBD oil for Stress
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While our body’s stress response is actually necessary to survival, it often pops up like a reflex in situations of public speaking, overwhelming social events, or a pile of work. This stress can cause everything from an increased risk of heart disease to accelerated aging. People use CBD oil for stress, in many different ailments, and stress is one of the most common.

While this miracle ingredient in cannabis can help with everything from appetite loss to insomnia, one of its most common uses is stress – both physical and mental. In 2020, we’ve had no shortage of stressful moments. The solution? Maybe a sumptuous topical oil to knead away those tight shoulder knots, or a few droplets under the tongue to disappear into anxiety-free bliss.

Cannabidiol doesn’t get you high, but it can chill you out in a similar way that anti-anxiety meds and other prescription drugs do. Some prefer to keep it natural (though there’s no shame at all in prescription), and for them, CBD oil might be perfect.

If the mind is particularly stressed, CBD oil can help slow you down and put your thoughts back in order. It can reduce the severity of manic feelings and bring a sense of balance that something like meditation is often used to achieve. The difference is, meditation isn’t always effective for those of us who are fidgety and can’t slow our racing minds, so the help of a calming oil is much appreciated.

For those new to cannabis, remember that this aspect of the marijuana plant does NOT get you high! You could compare it to taking melatonin, but CBD’s success rates tend to be more effective for a wide range of demographics.

How Do I Add CBD Into My Daily Routine?

More often than not, Cannabidiol is consumed as oil from a dropper. Some people who are sensitive to texture and taste might prefer to add it to a beverage, but it might drastically change the overall taste. CBD can be purchased in isolate powder, which probably has less of a noticeable taste than oil. If you’re not consuming orally and are experiencing more physical tension than mental, a CBD lotion or cream could target relief better.

How to Dose CBD Oil for Stress

You can’t exactly overdose on CBD, but the amount that you use will depend on your ailment and severity. All bodies are different, so if you might be sensitive to introducing new substances, consider a low dose (5mg). If you don’t see much difference after a week, up it to 10g, and increase slowly. A higher dosage is not unusual if you suffer from serious panic attacks or debilitating anxiety and stress.

How Do I Find a CBD Oil Brand With a Good Reputation?

There’s an infinite amount of products out there, especially since CBD has become a very trendy buzzword and has become legal to purchase online.

Ideally, you want to find a brand that focuses on clean extracts, rich terpene content,  and a full or broad-spectrum formula, much more likely to contain terpenes.

Always check to see where the brand sources their hemp, if their processing facilities met FDA guidelines, and if they offer third-party lab testing and lab reports that are available for public viewing. All these things can help you set the bar accordingly high before your purchase.

Brands We Recommend

Check out the award-winning Green Roads created by compound pharmacist Laura Baldwin Fuentes, who gained belief in the substance after helping her friend recover from opiate addiction. They sell capsules and edibles, too, if you want to avoid that oily taste.

cbdMD is another innovative company at the head of high quality, all-organic CBD products for no extra shipping cost. Though pricey, they are broad-spectrum, so you get what you pay for. They use third-party testing and offer discounts to military members and disabled individuals.

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