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Individual packs of candy

Squish Squish Bish

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Candy is sweet And Squish is for you! Roll your tongue, over a candy belt blanket of tart sour dust. Sink your teeth, into a soft gooey cushion of orange flavoured, carrot shaped...

Good Vibes and Good Food at Calii Love

How are you feeling today…? Fabulous! Festive! Grateful! Glorious! There’s nothing better than the feeling you get from nourishing your body with fresh, wholesome food. But more than a meal, when you order up at Calii Love, you’re getting...

Starting the Day with Steel Cut Oats

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. And the one, that so many of us so often skip! But with reason. Mornings have a tendency to be… busy. You wake up, shower, brush your teeth, brush...
various kinds of fresh apples on wooden table, top view

Fall for Fall

Some people like summer, some people like spring, but me? I LOVE FALL. Between the pretty leaves changing colours, and the cozy sweaters we get to where, how could you not fall for fall?!...

Let Them Eat Cake! (Cupcakes)

Wonderfully whipped frosting Adorned with a rainbow of candy confetti, Resting on a soft cloud of moist cake. The alluring aroma of oven-warmed spices. The sweet taste of frosting on your tongue. Blissful. Sink your teeth into a fluffy cloud...
Tea party at Sorelle and Co.

Sweet Sweet Sorelle & Co.

Once upon a cupcake, in a bakery not far from Bloor Street, there was a magic treasure. Many treasures in fact. Carefully guarded, encased in glass, laid an assortment of coconut, mocha and caramel...

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