Plant-based? Gluten-free? Halal? Today’s dining public is increasingly specific in their dietary needs. Restaurants that don’t cater to this reality are missing the boat. This forum is written by and for diners who need to know what is new and exciting that respects all our dietary sensitivities.

Skin Beauty

Beautiful Skin Breakthrough

The best revenge is looking great! We don’t like lines at the airport, the bank or at the grocery store. But the lines I like least are the ones that have suddenly appeared on my...

How to Buy and Taste Olive Oil

Olive Oil is the Essence of Mediterranean Culture • There are as many olive oil varieties as there are grapes, and twice as much variability in taste. • Italy has twenty different olive oil producing regions...

IKEA Is Introducing Plant-Based Swedish Meatballs Later This Year

Whenever I shop at IKEA, the Swedish furniture and home product giant, I face the same eternal dilemma. It is not which bookshelf, bedside table or pasta strainer to buy, but rather if I...
Foods For a Healthy Gut

What To Eat For A Healthy Gut

Did you know that there are these tiny little microbes that live inside your gut called probiotics? They work very hard to keep you healthy and so to thank them for all that they...
Convenience Food

Convenience Foods That Are Healthier Than You Think

It’s no secret that most people are in a pinch for time these days. Coupled with rising food prices, eating well is becoming increasingly challenging. To help combat both of these barriers to getting...

How to Make A Vegan Entrée Salad That Sustains and Satisfies

Salads can be made ahead of time and taken almost anywhere. With such flexibility and portability, it’s no wonder why salads are such a popular choice for a quick lunch or dinner. However, without a...
cups of coffee

How Much Coffee Is Actually Effective?

For most of us, having a cup of coffee in the morning, during the day or every other hour is as much part of work-life as getting up on time, commuting and cursing out...

How to Actually Drink Enough Water Each Day

Like protein, fats and carbohydrates, water is also a nutrient. Unlike them, however, water is the most easily overlooked. Striving to ensure an adequate hydration status is an essential year-round, especially with the weather...

Oat Milk: Is It Worth Buying?

If you haven’t heard yet, you’re hearing it now; when it comes to non-dairy beverages, oat milk is quickly becoming the trendy, new favourite. But when it comes to its ingredients, nutritional properties and...

The Benefits of CBD Skin Care

From curbing anxiety to relieving pain to an additional antioxidant boost, is there anything CBD can’t do?! It is essential to clarify that CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same. The two are...

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