Plant-based? Gluten-free? Halal? Today’s dining public is increasingly specific in their dietary needs. Restaurants that don’t cater to this reality are missing the boat. This forum is written by and for diners who need to know what is new and exciting that respects all our dietary sensitivities.


The Culinary Road to 4/20: Cannaoil

Another week, another recipe. We started off our culinary journey into cannabis edibles with our DINE Cannabutter last week. This time we show you the other staple you need for your exploits. Different from...
Pritikin Longevity Centre

Health Matters: Is Diet or Exercise More Important?

Diet or Exercise? What Works? This interactive infographic from the Pritikin Longevity Centre has taken all the key scientific findings on successful weight management and distilled them into an engaging, easy-to-understand format. It’s also inspiring. There’s...

3 SUPER Simple Vegan Meal Prep Hacks

While it’s not impossible, meeting nutrient requirements on a plant-based diet can certainly have its challenges from time to time. For those of you who are new to the vegan lifestyle or perhaps pressed...
The Majestic Sabich

Meatless Monday Recipe: Sabich

Oh, we got a good one for you today... I'm sure everyone here has eaten, or at least heard of Falafel and Shawarma. But Sabich is Israel's well-kept street food secret. During my time...
photo @unboxedmarket

Unboxed Market: Toronto Opens Zero Waste Store

Plastic bags? No thanks. Tupperware and glass mugs and containers? Count us in! Toronto just opened up its very first zero-waste store, and I'm all about it. I've been keeping up with the zero-waste trend...

The Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Edibles

Edibles - or food products with marijuana in them -  are controversial, but highly popular with a certain subset of stoners. But, don’t just jump off the deep-end with a friend’s cookie! It’s risky...
Soba Bowl

Meatless Monday Recipe: Sesame Soba Noodles

Not only does Health Canada tells us that we should eat less meat, but we all know it. Therefore, be the change you want to see in the world. Every weekend DINE Magazine vows...
Province Apothecary Self Care Products

Prioritize Your Self Care with Products from Province Apothecary

When the cold weather hits, we all experience some discomfort, especially when it comes to our skin. Generally, I’ll get a scalp rash or eczema on my arms and feel itchy all over. Being...

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