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Top Jewelry Picks for 2019

There’s nothing quite like a quality piece of jewelry. You can spend $10 at H&M on a pack of low quality jewelry that falls apart. Or, why not invest in a business that values...
Tiffany Box

The Iconic Tiffany Blue Box

The white satin ribbon slips easily from the robins-egg blue box. The heart quickens with anticipation at the sight of the plain black letters, Tiffany & Co. What will be inside? Designer Elsa Peretti’s simple...
Dr. Martens

The Coolest Dr. Martens Styles for 2019

Even though they’ve been around since the 60’s, Dr. Martens are as popular as ever. I see everyone wearing them all over Vancouver and Toronto. They even have Vegan options. You can never go...
Curt Montgomery

Talking Uncool Saturday Nights & The Best Way to Die with Curt Montgomery

Known for his minimalist but bold line work, Curt Montgomery is one of Toronto’s most beloved tattoo artists. A resident artist at Holy Noir, Curt’s signature pieces include hands, roses, skeletons, and some kinky...

The Edge of Black

Welcome to a world of midnight elegance. Where fashion and art dance side by side in a graceful waltz of glamour and style. Fashion Designer Svet Nikon, of the timeless black label brand Cherry Burgundy,...
Today's Man

Today’s Man: Why Do Men Dress Like Slobs?

When men say they’re going to slip into something a little more comfortable, they really mean it. Why do men dress like slobs? Although they aspire to be dashing career professionals during the week, a...
Salad, Langdon Hall

2019 State of the Culinary Union Address

When Max Yasgur stepped onto the stage at Woodstock, fifty years ago, he greeted the half a million strong by saying, “I’m a farmer,” and received a more thunderous ovation than Jimi Hendrix drew...

The Best Fitness Studios on Classpass Toronto

Toronto’s fitness scene is massive. If you’re feeling intimidated and don’t know where to begin, you can always start with Classpass. The Classpass App Has It All Classpass is an app that lets you try out...
Ungava Bees Knees

Spicy Jamaican Lemonade

We called her Sexy Lexy. An exotic creature who came to our Manitoba town from Paris one summer. She knew everything there was to know about beauty. She always took lemons to the beach....

Yes, and… Then They Laughed!

It’s almost that time of the week, Friday date night! But what to do? Dinner? Sure, we all have to eat. How about something that feeds the soul too. Something fun and exciting. An...

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