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Canola and Flax, Saskatchewan

Canadian Cuisine: Saskatchewan

The culinary traditions of the Cree First Nation include pemmican and bannock, and the abundance of Saskatoon berries, wild blueberries and chokecherries. Today, Saskatchewan is known as “the bread basket of the world,” Chef...

Canadian Cuisine: Manitoba

Raised on Red River cereal, Sara Waxman (DINE and Destinations magazine) tells me, “The thing about growing up in Winnipeg was that we had no lettuce in winter. Everyone learned to bake, and everybody...
St Jacobs Market

Canadian Cuisine: Ontario

Ontario cuisine is in the stories and the conditions of the farmers and the hunters, and in the various regional settlements from Mennonites to Scandinavians. Northern cooking is game-driven: duck, goose, grouse, partridge, rabbit,...

Canadian Cuisine: Quebec

Culinary identity for Quebec begins with the First Nations hunting and gathering, and teaching the settlers about the land. The Europeans bring the techniques, seasoning and preserving methods. Hearty recipes from early settlers provide...
Fish market sign in Alma, New Brunswick

Canadian Cuisine: New Brunswick

Florenceville-Bristol is “The French Fry Capital of the World.” This is the home of McCain Foods Limited. They say that, “One in every three French fries in the world is a McCain fry.” There...
Prince Edward Island

Canadian Cuisine: Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is like a great big farm. Inshore fisheries thrive, in part, because it's a very healthy green place. Lobster is abundant and a traditional trap-to-table “lobster supper” includes a four-course meal...
Nova Scotia

Canadian Cuisine: Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is renowned for its outstanding quality of seafood and fish: lobster, scallops, oysters, mussels, Cape Breton snow crab and Atlantic salmon. Seafood chowder is ubiquitous, and every menu has its own distinct...
Root Cellar, Newfoundland

Canadian Cuisine: Newfoundland

Traditionally, the food available in Newfoundland and Labrador is that of necessity, not convenience. Life on The Rock has required method and respect for the land. Fish has always been abundant and, in Newfoundland,...

Champagne Cocktail Party

The Plan: Make a guest list and send invites out two and one half weeks in advance so your guests can savour the idea of the party ahead of time. Cocktail parties are two hours...
World Trade Centre

Daniel Libeskind: Architect of World Monuments – Part 2

One of Daniel Libeskind's many projects, is the remarkable addition to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. His design, which he named “The Crystal” includes a four story crystal atrium and a crystalline structure which...

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