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The Best Fitness Studios on Classpass Toronto

Toronto’s fitness scene is massive. If you’re feeling intimidated and don’t know where to begin, you can always start with Classpass. The Classpass App Has It All Classpass is an app that lets you try out...
the be.come project

Best Fitness Apps: The be.come project

The be.come project is a body positive fitness app that provides an accessible 25-minute routine. Bethany C. Meyers, a fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur based in New York, is an advocate for inclusivity in fitness...
Studio Lagree

The Most Killer Work Out Classes in Toronto

Sometimes there are those days where you want an intense work out. I like to challenge my strength and feel like a bodybuilder when the mood strikes. I’ve tried everything from spin, yoga, barre,...
Mula Yoga

The Best Yoga Studios in Toronto For Spiritual Renegades

There is no shortage of fitness places to choose from in Toronto. When it comes to yoga, there are plenty of studios all over the GTA. Most of these studios offer the more well-known...

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