Want to know the most enriching and exciting experiences to share with your family? Curious about the health benefits of common ingredients and newly discovered ones? We explore the issues that matter most, for the ones who matter most, surrounding food, travel and life.

Adam Waxman with President Jimmy Carter

Working For Peanuts

When in Georgia, do as the Georgians: grab a cold bottle of Coke and pour in a handful of salted, roasted peanuts! The simple peanut is actually quite complex. We add it to salads, entrées...
Fenty Beauty Unveil

How Do You Nude?

As a staple item in everyone’s makeup bag, it comes as no surprise how many nude lipsticks exist in the beauty world. Each brand has unique tones and different formulas in order to create...
Irene Matys, Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen Shares Holiday Hosting Secrets

Founded in 1991, Stonewall Kitchen’s roots are humble and wholesome. Founders Jim Stott, Jonathan King and their respective family members would sell their blueberry jam at the farmers market in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Today,...
The Polo Lounge

Morning Stardust at the Polo Lounge

“Good morning,” he lied. That’s the first and only line of an anecdote that made the rounds of Hollywood a while back. Make of it what you will. Mornings are key in this...

World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction

SOLD!!! For $8,800,000. A steal at the price, this 1958 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider, goes to the highest bidder at the RM Auctions at the Arizona Biltmore. It sets a new record...

Palm Springs Eternal

“Set me alight. We'll punch a hole right through the night. Everyday the dreamers die. See what's on the other side.” – U2, The Joshua Tree It’s another planet. Giant blobs of granite stacked...

Tips and Tricks to Lowering Your Stress Level

No matter who you are or what you do, every person at one point or another has felt overwhelmed. Whether that’s in a job, at home, or life in general, the feeling of stress...
cheese platter

The Hostess with the Mostest

It's (dinner) party time! Even though there can be many tasks and things to consider for a dinner party, it's a great and fun way to get together with friends and family. If you're...

Sweet Smell of Success

Garlic: everyone from Homer to Aristotle, from modern scientists to Doctor Mom, has praised its uses. Egyptian pharaohs kept garlic in their tombs to keep themselves healthy in the afterlife. Ancient Greek Olympians used...

10 Perfect Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day

November is a strange time of year. Warm one minute, cold the next. You can begin your day in a parka and winter boots, and leave the office in your sweater – sweating all...

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