Want to know the most enriching and exciting experiences to share with your family? Curious about the health benefits of common ingredients and newly discovered ones? We explore the issues that matter most, for the ones who matter most, surrounding food, travel and life.

Root Cellar, Newfoundland

Canadian Cuisine: Newfoundland

Traditionally, the food available in Newfoundland and Labrador is that of necessity, not convenience. Life on The Rock has required method and respect for the land. Fish has always been abundant and, in Newfoundland,...
Muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) herd, Victoria Island, Nunavut, Arctic

Canadian Cuisine: Northwest Territories

Yellowknife has become multicultural and the influences from seasoning to saucing reflect that. There is international representation in the dining scene from Ethiopian to Vietnamese. “There are a lot of foodies up here from...

Italianissimo! Pasta

The romance of pasta in Gragnano, according to Pastificio dei Campi’s Giuseppe di Martini, began centuries ago when the Roman legions stored their grain here. Today, this little village of 27,000 people supplies 15.5%...

Vaughan: Epicurean

Big Cannoli Rushing to finish up a meeting downtown, I have to apologize, because I need to get to Woodbridge to pick up some cannoli before they close at 5pm. "Not Big Cannoli" I'm asked....

Canadian Cuisine: Alberta

From Rocky Mountain proteins to Prairie produce, Alberta cuisine is has to do with what is happening on the farms now. Canada beef is the pride of menus across the country, and renowned throughout...
Sous Chef, Breville

Sara’s Picks for Best Appliances of 2018

The Sous Chef from Breville It happens at the beginning of every traditional holiday. We become obsessed with the food, the entertaining, the cooking and baking. Our friends and families are dear to us, but...
Flexday Central

The Best FlexDay Coworking Locations in Toronto

If you’re a freelancer or start-up business owner, it's tricky to find the right coworking space. As a freelance writer, when I first moved to Toronto in the spring, I found myself weighing all...

Green Piece

E Pluribus Unum. The motto on the great seal of the United States of America first appeared in an ancient Roman poem as part of a recipe for making a fresh garden salad. From...
DINE Awards 2018

12th Annual DINE Launch Party

Another year, another amazing DINE and Destinations issue is out! To celebrate the launch of the 2018/19 magazine, publishers Sara Waxman and Adam Waxman hosted a fabulous party at Don Alfonso 1890, the first...
Harlow Rose hair

Hair Trending for Winter 2019

Winter is a great time to make a big change. I shake up my look every time I go home before Christmas. If you’re looking to mix things up and try something new, here...

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