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Antoni Cooking

Feast Your Eyes: Volume II – Antoni’s Recipes in Queer Eye Season 3

The boys are back in town. Since last Friday, season 3 of Netflix's reality tv juggernaut Queer Eye is available for streaming. Through 8 episodes, Jonathan, Bobby, Karamo, Tan, and Antoni are once again...

The Best CBD Strains To Ease Your Pain

While it’s often tempting to wash out all the background noise with a few tokes, sometimes, I don’t always want that “high” feeling. When it comes to medicating mental health disorders like anxiety and depression,...
CBD Gummies

How to Use CBD for Endo, PCOS or Other Torturous Reproductive Conditions

Menstruators who suffer from Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or other reproductive conditions know that when the sharks come around, the pain is debilitating. As an Endo and PCOS battler myself, I know first-hand that...

Best Appliances of the Year!

Sara's Pix for the Holiday Shopping Season...
CBD Strains

The Best CBD Strains Out There Right Now

Want to start trying CBD, but aren’t sure what strains to try out? Never fear: here are the best available CBD strains. https://www.instagram.com/p/xiNJGGJ0Hc/ Sweet and Sour Widow This strain has an equal ratio of CBD and THC,...

Farm Boy: More than a Grocery Store

Grocery shopping. Inevitable. Inescapable. Unavoidable. Each week results in a regimental trek to the supermarket. But there’s nothing super about it. And it’s a great wonder where the word ‘market’ comes into play. There is...
Dr. Martens

The Coolest Dr. Martens Styles for 2019

Even though they’ve been around since the ’60s, Dr. Martens are as popular as ever. I see everyone wearing them all over Vancouver and Toronto. They even have Vegan options. You can never go...

The 5 Most Popular Terpenes Found in Cannabis Dispensary Strains

If you're a cannabis lover, you may have heard talk about terpenes but have no clue what they are. Terpenes are the element in cannabis that creates the nuanced flavours and scents that draw...
Amandalina Puppy Yoga

The World Needs More Yoga & Puppies

The scientific dog-human bond was first researched over 30 years ago by psychologist, Alan Beck and psychiatrist, Aaron Katcher.  The two documented what happens to the human body when a person pets a familiar...
ROM by Daneil Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind: The Making of an Architect – Part 1

During the summer of 2002, Daniel Libeskind was involved in his first love, music. He had designed the set and was directing the contemporary opera St. Francis of Assissi by Messiaen in Berlin. He came...

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