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Art Inspiration Tips 4 Ways for Artists to Regain Creativity

Art Inspiration Tips: 4 Ways for Artists to Regain Creativity

Art is one of the most intimate forms of expression. It allows us to filter through the chaos in our minds and materially translate what we consider to be important. Sometimes we can work...
Climate Change and Seafood

Climate Change and Seafood: What are the Impacts?

The Ocean Wise seafood program works with many phenomenal partners from across the seafood industry to increase access to information on all aspects of seafood sustainability; and are excited to now share a remarkable...

The Difference Between Barbecuing and Grilling

Barbeque: a noun, a verb, an attitude. Across Canada and the US, the backyard barbecue is a national pastime. We salivate at the thought of putting another steak on the grill. And yet, "barbecuing"...
Skin Beauty

Beautiful Skin Breakthrough

The best revenge is looking great! We don’t like lines at the airport, the bank or at the grocery store. But the lines I like least are the ones that have suddenly appeared on my...
Amar Gupta, Josh Barr

Brust: Two Friends, Cold Brew Coffee and Protein

Two students in an MBA class at the University of Western Ontario: one, Josh Barr, an Iron Man triathlete; the other, Amar Gupta, a professional squash player; both in search of the perfect protein...
Tomatoes, Italy

My Life as a Tomato

Tomatoes love the sun. It’s in our genes. We once grew wild in Peru and Ecuador, in blazing colours varieties and flavours. The Spanish conquistadors came in the 16th century and were knocked out...
Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa

Staying on Track With Your Fitness Plans

Okay. You've joined the gym and created a program for yourself. You imagine a new, tight, sleek body for the summer season and a barely there wardrobe. You begin with great zeal and go to the...

How to Buy and Taste Olive Oil

Olive Oil is the Essence of Mediterranean Culture • There are as many olive oil varieties as there are grapes, and twice as much variability in taste. • Italy has twenty different olive oil producing regions...
Museum of Illusions

Family Activities in Toronto: Museum of Illusions

Do my eyes deceive me or did my four-year old just grow taller than me? The visual deceptions of tilted rooms are show-stoppers that boggle our minds. "Remember what the dormouse said: feed your...
Zero waste food shopping. Source: Oleg Magni, Pexels

How To Reduce Waste In Your Grocery Shopping

It’s becoming easier and easier to lead a more “zero waste” lifestyle. As people become more aware of the importance of reducing waste and fighting climate change, businesses are jumping on to the growing...

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