Cannabis and Beverages

Cannabis Beverages And How Popular Are They Going to Get?

Cannabis edibles are currently a big legal business in U.S. Markets. Cannabis beverages are also becoming very popular. Canada is planning to follow suit with legalizing edibles by October 2019. The Canadian Government will...

Cannabis and Women: A Must Read Guide

As the rate of cannabis use is increasing with more discovery of its overwhelming benefits to the human body and mind, the question arises how differently it can affect women. Cannabis industry involves sales, usage,...
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Pot Infused Burgers Are All The Rage

Cannabis enthusiasts in Denver Colorado were treated to pot-infused burgers on their special day this year, 4/20. In case you missed details of the event, just know that Carl’s Jr was not disappointed by...

THC Distillate Manufacturing and Usefulness

THC distillate is one of a lot of cannabis extract on the market today. You get THC distillate when cannabis oil goes through the process of distillation. The distillation process is usually a short...

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