Coffee Sommelier Experience at Buna, The Soul of Coffee

If you are anything like the majority of people in the world, one of the first things you have in the morning is a coffee. The injection of caffeine to the body is what...
Rachel Cargle

International Womxn’s Day: Intersectional Feminists and Activists You Need to Follow on Instagram

When celebrating International Womxn’s Day, it’s important to lift up the voices that are often silenced. If you’re looking for inspiration, some hilarious memes, or good old fashioned gutting of the patriarchy, here are...
Gina Godfrey Gallery

Pretty, Happy, and Prolific Women – A Visit to the Gina Godfrey Gallery

When the elevator doors open on the 17th floor of Postmedia Place in the Upper Jarvis neighbourhood of Toronto, you’d expect to find a National Post newsroom, a government agency, or boutique investment firm....
Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co

A Taste of the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara

It’s Thursday night and Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone is hopping. The culinary scene in the small, California coastal city is creative, locally driven and often playful, propelled by regional star chefs and new arrivals...
San Diego Skyline

San Diego: Rediscovering “America’s Finest City”

As we make the turn on to 5th Ave., the hub of the historical Gaslamp District, it’s clear we’re not in Kansas City anymore. With a Pacific Ocean breeze wafting up from the bay...
CBD Gummies

How to Use CBD for Endo, PCOS or Other Torturous Reproductive Conditions

Menstruators who suffer from Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or other reproductive conditions know that when the sharks come around, the pain is debilitating. As an Endo and PCOS battler myself, I know first-hand that...

Wellness and Luxury at Mandarin Oriental Spa in South Beach

South Beach rocks all night long. The bold and the beautiful, the young and the restless, old money, new money and no money, meet to eat, drink and hang out in this hub of...
general hanging bridge

Soaring Through Majestic Canopies of Costa Rica

There’s nothing like exploring the lush ecosystem of a new and exotic place, immersing yourself in a foggy rainforest as you gaze at surrounding volcanoes, soaking in all the beauty around you. The only...
Lambic Beer

Lambic Beer: What’s Not to Love?

The first time I heard the term ‘Lambic’ was a handful of years ago, I had just joined the team at a Belgian restaurant whose main selling point was a gigantic list of Belgian...

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