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Walking in a Winter Winefest

Winter WineFest is celebrating its 10th anniversary bringing together talented chefs, winemakers, musicians, devoted sponsors and loyal patrons. “We are looking forward to the continued success of this festival and the many great memories...
Lakeview Wine Co, Halloween

Trick or Treat…And Wine

There’s nothing wrong with a little wine to go with our Halloween haul, but how do we pair with our candy bag? After the doorbell has stopped ringing, the costumes are put away and the...
Sweet and Sour Chicken

Pairing Chinese Food with Wine

Chinese cuisines are complex. Pairing with wine is no less complicated. Here are fourteen Chinese dishes with pairing suggestions that blend harmoniously. Roast Suckling Pig. Crackling Skin with Scallions on Rice Dough Flat Bread, Hoisin...
Monticello, Virginia

Virginia: Monticello Wine Trail

Soon after the founding of Jamestown, the British made grape growing mandatory. In Jefferson’s time, he attempted seven harvests, but failed to ever make wine. Two hundred years later, a Venetian, Gianni Zonin, bought...

Prince Edward County: Hidden Gems

Interlaced arts, wine and culinary trails wrap the bounty of the county in epicurean adventure. Breweries, cideries and more than 35 wineries flow from breeze-kissed farmland to Sahara-like sand dunes. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay...

Windsor, Wine and Whiskey in Ontario’s Southwest

What is a Canadian hug? It’s the warm embrace of rye whisky going down smooth and slow. At JP Wiser’s we tour and taste the spirit of Canada and, in the heart of Walkerville—the...

Champagne Cocktail Party

The Plan: Make a guest list and send invites out two and one half weeks in advance so your guests can savour the idea of the party ahead of time. Cocktail parties are two hours...
Surf and Turf, Gio, Halifax, Nova Scotia

A Taste of Nova Scotia

"Look at all the things we produce here!" says a market vendor as he points to a panorama of seafood, meats, fruits, greens, cheeses and wines. While Tall Ships sail past the famous Pier...

Classic Chianti

Driving in Italy requires a fearless attitude and a great degree of skill. Fortunately, we have connected with a gladiator of the highway, Simone Baldanzi, of Chianti Drivers. Through rainstorms that flooded the roads,...
Inniskillin Icewine and Scallops

Seared Scallops with Vidal Beurre Blanc

Wine Pairing: Inniskillin Vidal or Reisling Icewine The sugar content in the Icewine allows the scallops to develop a beautiful colour in the pan while the sweetness of Icewine pairs perfectly with the sweetness of...

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