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Looking for innovative cocktails bars? The latest in the craft brewery scene? What’s new and exciting in the world of wine? Tips on food pairings? Check out the latest news and finds here.

Oakville Pier

Shopping and Dining in Oakville

Every road is the same chrome-to-chrome bumper-to-bumper mess. I’ve just got to get off this road. It’s time for me. Veering off the highway I pass a beautiful stretch of mansions that could be...

Toronto Food Trends of 2018

The days are shorter, Christmas is fast approaching and soon we shall find ourselves in a new year. But before we banish 2018, let's take a look at the top trends in Toronto cuisine...
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Basque & La Rioja

I’m in love with a Galician octopus. Marinated in olive oil and pimentón, it has never been more tender. You never forget your first pintxo. Along Logroño’s narrow Calle Laurel the “pub crawl” is elevated...

Simply Divine Treviso

On a typical morning, I wake to the sounds of the ebb and flow of early morning commerce filtering through the open window of Locanda Ponte Dante. Five guestrooms have been created in this...

Cocktail Hour: The Old Fashioned

‘Cocktail Hour' is what my mother called it. It was the hour or two of cocktails that preceded our family dinner, every Saturday, in my hometown of London, England. My mother, a non-drinker, would...

Italianissimo! All Roads Lead to Rome

The railroad station is a microcosm of the world’s travelers. Looking at the monitor, with its evolving schedules and locales, it is clear that all roads lead to Rome. Convenience is central to our...
Taste of Iceland

Taste of Iceland

The Taste of Iceland, November 1 – 5, gives us a weekend jam-packed with all things Icelandic. Iceland Naturally’s famous cultural festival features several mostly free events throughout Toronto that highlight the best of...
Bar Chef

Toronto Mixologists Are Raising The Bar

The Mixologist: Frankie Solarek, Bar Chef The Cocktail: Essence of Fall “Visual and nostalgic references are my favourite tools to create visceral and emotional experiences. Tactile elements of fresh moss, woods, greens, balsam fir...

Walking in a Winter Winefest

Winter WineFest is celebrating its 10th anniversary bringing together talented chefs, winemakers, musicians, devoted sponsors and loyal patrons. “We are looking forward to the continued success of this festival and the many great memories...
Beaface Whisky

For Whisky-Lovers’ Eye’s Only

In Canada, we enjoy the occasional vodka soda, Moscow Mule or Caesar, but deep down, we’re whisky drinkers. It's our history. It's how our country was founded--on whisky and fur--and come winter, our search...

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