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Looking for innovative cocktails bars? The latest in the craft brewery scene? What’s new and exciting in the world of wine? Tips on food pairings? Check out the latest news and finds here.

The Secret of Escobar: Pablo Loves You.

Toronto is home to a number of interesting bars, each with their own unique atmosphere and agenda. Some are cozy lounge spaces, others are funky and upbeat.  Some however, are little hard to find…Turn...

Escape to BARO

Nightlife in the vibrant city of Toronto. A kaleidoscope of colours, sounds and savoury aromas. Restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres. There is always something to do, and a new experience to be found. Sometimes… you...

On The Rock: Newfoundland

Canada Begins Here... The hour is nigh: it’s time to be screeched-in. The skipper at Trapper John’s Museum & Pub clangs a bell, he rants his pride of Newfoundland and implores our respect, he pours...
wine barrels

Wine Tasting 101 (Part 3)

In continuation of Part 1 and Part 2, in which we shared how to handle and view a glass of wine, and how to appreciate its aromatics, now we must finally sip and taste. Sipping...
Wine Awakenings

Wine Tasting 101 (Part Two)

In continuation of Part 1 and how to handle and view a glass of wine, we must now begin appreciating its aromatics. Sniffing the wine: The viewing part is finished. It is the less important part...

Modus: The Value of Service

My introduction to Sam Genkov was through a dish of thickly cut gnocchi luxuriating in rich Gorgonzola cream, crunchy toasted walnuts and a sweet accent of caramelized pears. This was at his Bravi Ristorante,...

Wine Tasting 101 (Part 1)

Wine is the most complex product to taste. It takes a short time to learn and a lifetime to practice. Drinking is just pushing liquid through your throat, but tasting is very different. We...

Beer for Thought

May 2 4 weekend, Canada Day, Labour Day, and "Hockey Night in Canada" without beer would be sobering experiences indeed. Beer is the quintessential Canadian beverage, and yet Canada ranks 17th in the world...
Omni King Edward Hotel

Spiked Hot Chocolate at the Omni King Edward Hotel

It is a cold Friday night in downtown Toronto. In other words, it is time for my weekly battle: cocoa or cocktails? My inner party animal directs me to the nearest bar for something...

Espresso Yourself, it’s National Espresso Day!

Happy National Espresso Day! What better way to survive the chaos of Black Friday than with a powerful boost of bold coffee! This strong Italian-style coffee is named for the machine and method used to...

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