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Looking for innovative cocktails bars? The latest in the craft brewery scene? What’s new and exciting in the world of wine? Tips on food pairings? Check out the latest news and finds here.


Wine Tasting 101 (Part 1)

Wine is the most complex product to taste. It takes a short time to learn and a lifetime to practice. Drinking is just pushing liquid through your throat, but tasting is very different. We...

Beer for Thought

May 2 4 weekend, Canada Day, Labour Day, and "Hockey Night in Canada" without beer would be sobering experiences indeed. Beer is the quintessential Canadian beverage, and yet Canada ranks 17th in the world...
Omni King Edward Hotel

Spiked Hot Chocolate at the Omni King Edward Hotel

It is a cold Friday night in downtown Toronto. In other words, it is time for my weekly battle: cocoa or cocktails? My inner party animal directs me to the nearest bar for something...

Espresso Yourself, it’s National Espresso Day!

Happy National Espresso Day! What better way to survive the chaos of Black Friday than with a powerful boost of bold coffee! This strong Italian-style coffee is named for the machine and method used to...

Cocktail Hour: The Pisco Sour

Pisco is fashionable. I was introduced to the Peruvian tipple four years ago whilst tucking into a saucer of seabass ceviche. My first Pisco Sour was refreshing, tangy and had an egg white crown....
Cappuccino, Latte

Toronto’s Coffee Culture

The first coffee houses in Europe were centres for great debate, politics, philosophy and, in some cases, brothels. These were the first private clubs for social interaction. Today, there is a proliferation of coffee...
Harbour Estate Winery

Wrapped Up in the 20 Valley Winery Passport Program

Three wonderful weekends in The Valley of delicious wine and food pairings. November is the time to embrace the warmth and charm of 23 boutique wineries with a Wrapped Up in the Valley Passport....
Louisville, bourbon

Kentucky Bourbon Country

There's a spirit flowing through Louisville, and that spirit is Bourbon. Eight companies own 13 distilleries that produce more than 99 percent of the whiskey in the United States. Ten are in Kentucky. So...

KOST: 44 Floors to Paradise

Luxury lives 44 floors above the streets of Downtown Toronto. Step into the elevators of the Bisha Hotel and escape. When the doors open, you’ll be in a world of unending summers. Sand coloured...
Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair

1001 Flights: Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair

Winemakers and spirits distillers, distributors, media, buyers and sellers from the most unlikely corners of the earth have converged on Hong Kong to attend the 10th Annual Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair....

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