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Rennie Estate Winery

Old Italian Style, New Niagara Wine

It’s been said there are many ways to skin a cat. Within the proliferation of Niagara wineries, it seems, there are many ways to make wine—beautiful wine across the region made in a variety...

Wine Tasting 101 (Part Two)

In continuation of Part 1 and how to handle and view a glass of wine, we must now begin appreciating its aromatics. Sniffing the wine: The viewing part is finished. It is the less important part...

Simply Divine Treviso

On a typical morning, I wake to the sounds of the ebb and flow of early morning commerce filtering through the open window of Locanda Ponte Dante. Five guestrooms have been created in this...
Lesley Gracie, Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick’s: A Wildly Unusual Gin

“I am lying in a hammock in the communal sleeping hut in a small village in the Venezuelan rainforest. At night it is pitch black and pouring rain. I can hear the cockroaches scurrying...
Northern Canning

Northern Canning: A Must-Have Service for All Breweries

Opening a craft or microbrewery may seem easy enough that everyone and their dog appears to have a brew on the market. But think about this: you’ve created the recipes, found the perfect space,...

Modus: The Value of Service

My introduction to Sam Genkov was through a dish of thickly cut gnocchi luxuriating in rich Gorgonzola cream, crunchy toasted walnuts and a sweet accent of caramelized pears. This was at his Bravi Ristorante,...

Prince Edward County: Hidden Gems

Interlaced arts, wine and culinary trails wrap the bounty of the county in epicurean adventure. Breweries, cideries and more than 35 wineries flow from breeze-kissed farmland to Sahara-like sand dunes. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay...
Taste of Iceland

Taste of Iceland

The Taste of Iceland, November 1 – 5, gives us a weekend jam-packed with all things Icelandic. Iceland Naturally’s famous cultural festival features several mostly free events throughout Toronto that highlight the best of...
Rose Wine

Seriously Pink: Getting Ready for Rosé Season

Growing up a winemaker’s daughter, you would think that I would always be eager to try new wines. Truth be told, I too have my standbys. Sauvignon Blanc and sparkling wines are generally my...

Peru: A Gourmet Guide

As incredible as the history and the land of Peru is, it’s the biodiversity that makes Peruvian cuisine so extraordinary. One visit to a local market in Lima, the “gastronomy capital of the Americas,”...

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