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Five Must Try Drinks In The Land Of The Maple Leaf  

Canada produces the queen of all maple syrups. But there are a few other gems that you must experience while on Canadian soil. Why? Canadian beverages are diverse in range, taste, texture and even...
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Five Restaurants In Canada To Savour the Best Wine

Canada is popular for its vast landscape with lakes, mountains, and true-blue arctic region. However, it’s traditional and ever-evolving cuisine has gathered more accolades than its wild landscape, and we’re not just talking about...

Enjoy the City’s Finest Spirits: Toronto’s Best Whiskey Bars

Whisky bars in Toronto have become a very fashionable way to enjoy a night out. With so many people seeking a fun night out with some sampling, and with Scotch whiskey being one of...

Kanpai to Summer!

In an interview with Maxim magazine last year, late culinary hero Anthony Bourdain declared that if he had to pick one country to be stuck in forever, it would be Japan. While I have...

Where To DINE Now: Bacchanal

Is there anything more exciting for a foodie than having no expectations at all from a new restaurant, then having it explode into a bonanza of intricate, delicious, amazing dishes? The world is topsy...

New and Exciting in Toronto

Apres Noir, an entertainment behemoth unique to Toronto, unique in the world, is the brainchild of Carlo Parentela, President and GM of Le Jardin Conference & Event Venue. Parentela’s global imagination is as boundless as...

Apres Noir

“That’s the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it” - KC and the Sunshine Band We pull up to the impressive entrance at Château Le Jardin.  Valet’s leap with alacrity to take our car, and...

Where To DINE Now: Core Restaurant

Leslieville has a new core: the heart of a neighbourhood and the reflection of its community. The culmination of careers in hotels and restaurants, Core restaurant is imbued with the personality and expertise of its...

Where To DINE Now: AGO Bistro

Peering through a narrow window into a large pink ball, reflections from a cosmic myopia of mirrored orbs peer back at me. I am at once voyeur and participant in this artful installation. An iridescent...

Hooray for Cuvée!

The largest and most prestigious celebration of Ontario wine is the gala event, Cuvée Grand Tasting,  which, this year, celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls. Here are 5 reasons...

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