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What’s trending in restaurant scenes around the world? Check out the latest in dining trends, restaurant reviews, and not-to-miss dining experiences of the moment.

Pastiche Restaurant

Where To DINE Now: Pastiche

Lets talk about Style, Taste and Money. They are not always mutually exclusive. The Style: Open the nondescript door at 59 Ossington, slip through the heavy velvet courtesy drapes that keep the cold winds out,...

Hop Over to Hopscotch

“In one word, Hopscotch is fresh.” A friendly smile, in a red plaid blazer sits opposite me. Leslie Oquendo is the Director of People & Culture at Hopscotch Toronto. We’re here to talk food. Fresh,...
Toronto Skyline

Toronto Dining Style

Let’s talk about money. In Toronto, Canada's capital of finance and culture, it is an unspoken rule that what you earn and more importantly, what you spend, will get you the best table in...

A Taste of the Stars at Montecito

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” The immortal words of French Benedictine monk and cellar master, Dom Pérignon when he first tasted his sparkling creation… champagne. A bubbly bright drink that makes the whole...
New Orleans

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler en Louisiana

Vaulted tombs, coloured beads, Sazeracs and trombones race through my mind as I wind through Louisiana toward The Big Easy. “We’re not as naughty as you might think,” a local once told me. “We’ve...

Top Five Picks for Vegan Pizza Lovers

Vegans cannot live on carrots alone! We need flavour, we need spice, we need... Pizza. A perfect circle of perfect ingredients. Soft and crispy crust. Warm, gooey cheese. And succulent baked vegetables. Finding a plant-based pizza used...
Legal Seafoods

Four Great Places to Dine in Boston

Legal Seafoods I drive straight to Legal Seafoods from the airport and in minutes, I am digging in to a platter of fried clams and a veritable oceanic feast of lobster, Maryland lump crab cakes,...

Roywoods: How to Save A “No Good” Day

The worst thing that can happen in a day is neither unexpected showers and heavy gusts of wind; nor sifting through hoards of unopened emails from last week. The worst thing is: when you’re...

Ottawa: Capital Cool

Lazily drifting along a slow moving river with Owl Rafting as the sun sparkles off the ripples in our wake, we hear the distant rush of falls closer and closer until voom! We’ve got...

The Ki to Good Saké

I lived in Japan a long time, and never understood the joy of sake until a tutored sake tasting with Michael Tremblay, sake sommelier at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar. While the interest in...

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